• Nina Hopkins

    Nina Hopkins

    Intelligent, driven and meticulous, Nina is a successful divorce lawyer, and mother to teenage Lee.

    Having made her home in London, Nina doesn't often make it back to the small village of Tretarw where she grew up. When she does return, she's mostly kept busy applying morality and order to her mother's hair-brained schemes. Buttoned-up, goody-two-shoes Nina has a quick brain and a sharp tongue but she's utterly hopeless at knowing her own heart. Luckily for her, madcap Tretarw is the best place on earth for an anxious perfectionist to start letting down her hair...

  • Will Hopkins

    Will Hopkins

    Will is the rock-steady, dry-witted son of Tretarw's formidable pub landlady, Nancy.

    Growing up in a house with two of the loudest, bossiest women in Wales has made him exceptionally private, and easy-going to the point of passivity. Will is devoted to his home village but he has trouble reconciling his life in Tretarw with being gay, which is why he's never come out to anyone other than his big sister Nina or best friend Vic. But how long can his double life last now that his meddling mother is determined to find him a wife?

  • Nancy Hopkins

    Nancy Hopkins

    Nancy is a force of nature, a master manipulator, and a woman on a mission to save her dwindling community.

    Landlady of Tretarw's only pub, Nancy knows everybody's business. Mostly because, as the village post-mistress, she secretly steams open their mail. Happily for Tretarw, Nancy means well. She uses her inside-knowledge not to make trouble, but to take care of every last soul in the village and its surrounds. Nancy is especially determined to see her two grown children well matched and settled in Tretarw, where she can keep her all-seeing eye on them.

  • Lee (Gwenllian) Rees-Hopkins

    Lee (Gwenllian) Rees-Hopkins

    Lee is Nina's clever, imaginative, terminally acerbic teenage daughter.

    Crafty and secretive by nature - a lot like her grandmother - Lee is gifted with computers in both legal and not-so-legal capacities. She mostly uses her talents for good, but you definitely wouldn't want to get on her bad side. Potential friends Lee's age are thin on the ground in Tretarw, but she has a quick-witted rapport with her uncle Will and (unlike her mother) gets on famously with Nancy.

  • Vic Reed

    Vic Reed

    Vic is a carpenter, a handyman, a part-time chef, a full-time smart arse, and an occasional thief.

    He has zero ambition in life beyond working with wood and never having a boss. Vic would like to think of himself as a lone wolf but he has never lived anywhere but Tretarw and there's no escaping the fact that his fellow villagers are his extended family. Habitually grumpy, Vic enjoys ruffling people's feathers, especially those of his childhood love, Nina.

  • Dr. Brian Phelps

    Dr. Brian Phelps

    ​Earnest, nerdy, and too sweet for his own good, Brian is Tretarw's local GP.

    As a newcomer to the tight-knit village, Brian is keen to make new friends and be of benefit to his community. But while Brian's skills as a physician are very much appreciated, his eagerness to please doesn't do him any favours in a social capacity. When he gets nervous, Brian falls back on facts and figures; he's more likely to wax poetic about the exciting details of the cardiovascular system than speak from the heart. Consequently, most of the locals take him for a self-important show-off or a terrible bore. Poor Brian.

  • Dai Jones

    Dai Jones

    ​Dai (aka Dai The Milk Who Drives The Buses) is the friendliest, chattiest bloke in West Wales.

    He isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and doesn't deal well in subtext, but he has a good heart and he'd give you the shirt off his own back. Quite literally. Hardworking and ambitious, Dai desperately wants to make something of himself. In fact, his goal in life is to become just like his wealthy boss, dairy owner Ianto, Tretarw's answer to Lord Sugar. Unfortunately, Dai has a habit of rushing headlong and heart-first into new schemes that fall apart spectacularly.

  • Betty Jones

    Betty Jones

    ​Effortlessly cool and sarcastic, Betty has been a popular queen-bee all her life.

    She's now one of Tretarw's more senior citizens, but that doesn't mean she has any intention of giving up her crown. Betty's haughtiness comes naturally; she is, after all, superior to most other creatures. However, despite her air of elegance, Betty has a filthy mouth, a prodigious sex drive and a gift for trouble. Like her best friend Nancy, Betty is a fiercely proud citizen of Tretarw. But while Nancy is desperate to welcome newcomers to the village, Betty is suspicious of all outsiders and doesn't mind showing it.

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