Jamie Baulch

DIWRNOD 1: I've always wanted to learn Welsh to be honest. I'm a proud Welshman and I've always been a bit embarrassed that I can't speak the language. The opportunity came and I thought let's go for it and jump in at the deep end. It's like when I did 'Dancing on Ice' a few years ago – you've just got to go for things and say yes. You have to put yourself in a position where you can learn it in a way that will be more beneficial than going on a course.

I know nothing about Welsh and I've come in to this knowing this. Growing up around Newport, I didn't hear any Welsh around me and none of my mates spoke Welsh either so I'm a virgin! At end, I hope to come out and speak a bit of a Welsh. I'd love to be able to come away and think it's been a good week of learning. We've got a good group of people here.

DAY 3:

We continued the story about the forest in the lesson today and I still can't stop saying 'Dw i'n byw yn y goedwig!' We also learnt the past tense 'wedi' so now I can say what I've done so far 'dwi wedi bod yn rafftio' (I have been rafting) and 'dwi wedi chwarae rygbi' (I have been playing rugby). And today I took part in the canoeing challenge even though I was meant to be in the falconry group. However, Mr Speirs was a bit worse for wear after last night's curry and falling into cold seawater isn't the best cure for a hangover. Off we went to Aberdyfi where the sea was Cold, scary, choppy and to top it all off, it wasn't long before I fell in. Chris and I had little control over the open canoe but we got into a rhythm of chanting 'Un ' 'dau' 'syth ymlaen'! (one, two, straight ahead) But we kept going 'mewn cylch' (in a circle) and in the end we got towed in on a motorboat. However, I slipped and the canoe almost hit me in a delicate area. Into the second lesson and I've realised that this isn't a competition and that it's all about learning and having fun. Although, I am struggling with a little bit. Some people are ahead but we're learning at our own pace, so I have dim problem with it all. I can't wait for Saturday's final!

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