Nicola Reynolds

DAY 1: I'd seen it on TV before and I thought'I want to do that!'. It's a great opportunity to start to learn Welsh and meet new people and have fun and get away from the house! I know little bits here and there of the language but nothing of any consequence. My junior school Welsh teacher wouldn't let us go to the toilet unless we asked in Welsh so I still remember Mrs Price and 'Ga i fynd i'r ty bach'. I had no Welsh at all at my high school. I have no idea what to expect and I'm open to everything to be honest and I'm not really scared of anything. One of the people who was on the programme two years ago went on to become fluent so that possibility really does appeal to me. And it's such a wonderful and beautiful part of Wales we're staying in and it's an opportunity I'm really grateful for.

DAY 3: I'm absolutely loving it! I didn't think it was going to be as full-on as it is but that's a good thing because you are permanently occupied and immersed and we are in such a beautiful part of Wales. I loved canoeing with Tom – we had the best time. It went really well but the weather was miserable. When I was little, my uncle had a hotel on the Teifi and I found myself regressing back to that age. However, I'm a bit funny about feet and because we won the clay oven task – I had Derek Brockway massaging my feet in clay today which was an unusual experience! I love this method of learning because I hated school and learning languages usually brings me out in a panic, but because we're kept so busy, there's no time to worry or panic – you're just kept so busy.

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