Aneurin and Meirion Jones

In the first programme Trystan goes to Cardigan (Aberteifi) to see the father and son, Aneurin and Meirion Jones. They are both artists and both have become famous through their paintings.

Aneurin was born a farmer's son in the Black Mountains area and his paintings feature the people and life of rural Wales. Aneurin was a teacher before retiring and becoming a full time artist. He now lives in Cardigan and his studio is there. A collection of Aneurin's work entitled 'Lleuad Fedi' (September Moon) is in a gallery in in Cardigan. Aneurin will tell Trystan about his paintings, his love of the countryside and its people and the 'Cardis' (the people of Ceredigion). He will also talk about his family's influence on his work and about two of his most popular paintings - 'Llyn y Fach' and 'Dau Werinwr' (Two Countrymen).

Meirion was born in Cardigan and the sea and the feminine element in nature have influenced his work. Meirion was also an art teacher and left to become a full time artist. Today, Meirion lives in Rhos-werdd near Cardigan and his studio is in a former cowshed. Meirion will take Trystan for a walk along the coast to see how the sea has inspired his work.

There will be an opportunity before the end of the programme to see Aneurin and Meirion together in the company of Meinir, Meirion's sister and her children. Aneurin and Meirion will talk about working together on a painting of Dre-fach Felindre. Two of Aneirin's grandsons also like painting and they will talk about their work.

Vocabulary Help

dehongli - to interpret

cenhedlaeth/-au - generation

diwylliannol - cultural; cultured

creadigrwydd - creativity

datblygiad - development

chwedloniaeth - myth; legend

ysbryd/-ion - ghost; spirit

cyfansoddiad - composition

brwdfrydedd - enthuisasm

dianc - to escape

angladd - funeral

esblygu - to evolve

tirlun/-iau - landscape

morlun/-iau - seascape

arbrofol - experimental

sylweddoli - to realise

magwrfa - upbringing; nurture

cynhenid - innate; inborn

genyn/-nau - gene

symleiddio - to simplify

dirgelwch - mystery

telynegol - lyrical

tywydd mwyn - mild weather

tywydd garw - rough/stormy weather

egni - energy

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