Trebor Edwards and Grandsons.

In this programme, Trystan goes to Betws Gwerful Goch in Denbighshire to meet Trebor Edwards and his grandsons - Dion, Cai and Rhydian.

Trebor is well-known singer. He's a tenor and has recorded many albums and sung on many stage and TV shows over the years. He has also performed on cruise ships; last year he sang on a Mediterranean cruise. But Trebor's main interest is farming; he started farming Pen y Bryniau farm when he was 16 years old. By now his son Eryl farms Pen y Bryniau and Trebor and his wife live in a house called Bryn Alaw on the farm's land. Trystan chats to Trebor about singing, farming and about his family; he has ten grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

His son Gwyn farms Pen Craig Fawr nearby with his wife Lyn. Their sons Dion and Cai are also farmers and Trystan talks with them about their interest in farming. Dion has always wanted to be a farmer and sheep are his main interest. He goes shearing around other farms in the area and he went to New Zealand for three months shearing. Cai's main interest is cattle and he enjoys going to shows showing the calves. Rhydian is Erfyl's son; he is fourteen years old and has started learning to be a farmer already. Rhydian keeps chickens and sells the eggs and he's also bought two calves.

Vocabulary Help

cychwyn - to start; to begin

ddaru mi - I did (used to express the past tense)

ddaru mi ddechrau - I did start; I started

gwyrth - miracle

diddanu - to entertain

llwyddiant - success

boncyn - hillock; ridge

y byd a'r betws - the whole world

buchod sugno - suckling cows

gwireddu breuddwyd - to realize a dream

ymddiddori - to take an interest

tocio - to clip

oen/ŵyn - lamb

pwysau - pressure

agwedd/-au - attitude

bustach - bullock

tennyn - halter; leash; tether

beirniad - judge; adjudicator

awydd - desire

llo / lloeau:lloi - calf

gwendid/-au - weakness

trafferth - trouble; problem

carthu : carthio - to clean (out); to clear

fenga : ifanca - youngest

milfeddyg - vet

tafliad carreg - a stone's throw

hel : casglu - to gather; to collect

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