Eirian Wyn and Fflur Wyn

Perthyn: Eirian Wyn and Fflur Wyn

In this programme Trystan Ellis-Morris talks to father and daughter, Eirian Wyn and Fflur Wyn. Eirian is a Baptist minister and Fflur is a singer.

Eirian lives in Ammanford (Rhydaman) and is the minister of Capel Seion Newydd in Morriston near Swansea. Trystan visits the chapel and chats with Eirian about his faith and his work. Eirian has also been working as a chaplain to the Swansea City Football Academy for the past three years and he takes Trystan to the Liberty Stadium to talk about his work there. Eirian's hobby is doing conjuring tricks and he'll show a few to Trystan.

Fflur is a professional opera singer who has lived in London for fifteen years. Trystan talks to her about her interest in music, her stage career, her performing dresses and her parents. Eirian joins Fflur in London and the two talk about their close relationship. How does Eirian feel about his daughter's career and how does Fflur feel about her father as a conjurer and preacher?

Vocabulary Help

gweinidog - minister

consuriwr - magician

diflannu - to disappear

beirniad - judge

cyfarwyddiadau - instructions

datgelu - to reveal

gweinidogaeth - ministry

ffydd - faith

addoliad - worship

pregethu - to preach; preaching

pobl ddi-gred - non-believers

plethu - to weave

argyhoeddedig - convinced

dawn - talent

consurio - to do magic tricks

dall - blind

enfys - rainbow

crefydd - religion

cyfoes - contemporary; modern

cerddor - musician

gwirioni ar - to dote on

gweddu - to suit

gwefr - thrill

camp - feat

petrusgar - anxious

aeddfed - mature

parch - respect

manylder - detail

magwraeth - upbringing

goddef - to suffer; to put up with

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