Liz, Elin and Siân Fouladi

In this programme Trystan is in Cardiff to meet Liz Fouladi and her two daughters, Elin and Siân.Liz comes o riginally rom Llanuwchllyn near Bala but has lived in Cardiff for over 40 years. Ali, her husband comes originally from Iran.

Siân is a 25 year old young lady with Down Syndrome. She has spent three years in college and now lives with two friends in the Capital City. She leads a busy and independent life but goes home to her parents sometimes to help cook and make cakes. Every Thursday she works in the Cancer Research shop; she enjoys being in the middle of second hand clothes and shoes. Siân is very confident and loves singing and meeting people.

Elin is the eldest of the two sisters; she went to college in London. She enjoys acting, singing and composing songs; she wants to be a professional singer. When she was younger she took part in the series WAW Ffactor on S4C competing against Duffy and she has also written a song and performed it in competition on Cân i Gymru. At the moment Elin is trying to learn her father's first language - Farsi.

The two sisters are very close. Trystan talks to both of them about their lives and their interests and gets a chance to see the two singing karaoke together.

Vocabulary Help

myfyriwr - student

cyflwr - condition

annibynnol - independent

gwenwyno - to poison

achub - to save; to rescue

oni bai am - if it were not for

plisyn wy - egg shell

amynedd - patience

diog - lazy

awydd - desire

hyder - confidence

cysylltiad cryf - strong connection

hŷn (henach) - older

diddanu - to entertain

cenfigennus - jealous; envious

creadigol - creative

cyfansoddi - to compose

sylweddoli - to realize

diwylliant - culture

tebygrwydd - similarity

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