The Llaeth y Llan Family

In this programme Trystan visits Tal y Bryn farm near Llannefydd in Denbighshire. This is the home of the yoghurt business 'Llaeth y Llan' and the family who run the business, the Roberts family.

Tal y Bryn is Gareth a Falmai Roberts' farm and they started with 12 dairy cattle. The next step was to start a milk round; then, about 30 years ago, they started making yoghurt and sold it in a shop in Abergele. The business grew and by now 'Llaeth y Llan' yoghurt is a large family business and they sell their yoghurt all over Wales. They've also started advertising 'Llaeth y Llan' yoghurt on television.

By now Gareth and Falmai have retired and their son Owain and daughter Llior run the business. Falmai runs a B&B business on the farm and Gareth grows vegetables and sometimes helps the children when they need help or advice.

It's Owain who runs the business day-to-day; He lives with his family in a house not far from the farm. Owain takes Trystan to see how they make the yoghurt. The company employs about 40 local people and they produce 30,000 yoghurt pots every day. They make 14 different flavours and the most popular is toffee.

Llior went to Newcastle upon Tyne to take a degree in Marketing, Fashion and Business before going to work with London fashion houses for nine years. Gareth asked her to come back to work for the company and run the marketing side of the business. Llior lives with her family in Chester and travels widely to market 'Llaeth y Llan' to supermarkets and food festivals. They want to expand the business and Llior talks to Trystan about the new buildings that are being constructed on the farm land. They will employ 80 people when the buildings are ready.

Vocabulary Help

ymwybodol - aware

gofynion - requirements

ansawdd - quality

ymwybyddiaeth - awareness

cynrychioli - to represent

cynnyrch - produce; product

denu - to attract

trafodaeth/-au - discussion

ehangu - to expand

allweddol - key

caeth - confined

braw - shock; surprise

cryfder/-au - strength

pwysau - pressure

dilyniant - succession - 6' cyntaf

cynhwysion - ingredients

caead/au - lid

cyfrifol - responsible

dosbarthu - to deliver; to distribute yn y ffatri

esmwyth - smooth

trafferth/-ion - problem; trouble

amrywiaeth - variety

erw - acer

arallgyfeirio - to diversify

amrwd - raw; untreated

hidlo - to separate sgwrs Gareth a Falmai

elw - profit

buddsoddi - to invest

boddhad - pleasure; satisfaction

hysbyseb/-ion - advertisement

llaethdy - dairy

cefnogaeth - support

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