Perthyn Highlights Series 1

We look back at the series in company with the presenter, Trystan Ellis-Morris. In this programme we can see highlights of chats that Trystan had with the members of seven different families.

1. Aneurin and Meirion Jones

Trystan went to Cardigan to meet with the father and son, Aneurin and Meirion Jones. Both are artists who have become famous through their paintings. We'll hear both talking about their paintings, how they approach creating a new work and the influences on them.

Vocabulary Help

symudiad - movement

cyfansoddiad - composition

brwdfrydedd - enthusiasm

yn fynych (=yn aml) - often

stôl odro - milking stool

ysbrydoliaeth - inspiration

greddfol - instinctive

magwrfa - nurture

cynhenid - innate; natural

genynnau - genes

dilyn trywydd - to follow the trail/track

tirlun - landscape

dylanwad - influence

diffuant - sincere

dirgelwch - mystery

2. Angharad and Megan Phillips

Trystan went to Denbigh to meet two siters who are also twins. Megan and Angharad Phillips. They are 21 years old and Megan is one minute older than Angharad! At the moment, both are studying Sociology at Durham University. We'll hear both talking about their lives and playing table tennis.

Vocabulary Help

gefell/gefeilliaid - twin

yr hynaf - the elder; the eldest

cymdeithaseg - sociology

cryfder - strength

ysgwyd llaw - to shake hands

Gemau'r Gymanwlad - Commonwealth Games

3. Trebor Edwards and Grandsons

Trystan went to the area of Betws Gwerful Goch in Denbighshire to meet Trebor Edwards and his grandsons - Dion, Cai and Rhydian. Trebor will talk to Trystan about his life as a popular singer and farmer and the three grandsons will talk about their interest in farming and their grandfather's influence on them.

Vocabulary Help

adnabyddus (=enwog) - well known; famous

ŵyr/wyrion - grandchild; grandson

gorwyr/-ion - great grandchild; great grandson

tocio - to clip; to dock

cneifio - to shear

bustach - bullock

tennyn - halter, tether, lead

beirniad - adjudicator; judge

llo/lloi - calf

4. Daniel and Mathew Glyn

Trystan went to Cardiff to meet brothers Daniel and Matthew Glyn. Both grew up in the capital city and still live in the area. They lost their parents when they were young and they've been very close since then. They used to perform together, but now they work separately, performing, scripting and writing.

Vocabulary Help

ar wahân - separately

closio - to become close

sylweddoli - to realize

Y Brodyr Bach = Paul & Adrian Gregory (entertainment act)

disgyblion - pupils

hyrwyddo - to promote

5. Eirian and Fflur Wyn

Eirian Wyn and Fflur Wyn are father and daughter. Trystan went to Ammanford to talk to Eirian about his conjuring skills and his work as chaplain with Swansea City Football Club. Fflur lives in London and is a professional opera singer.

Vocabulary Help

parchedig - reverend

consuriwr - magician; conjuror

caplan - chaplain

Yr Elyrch - The Swans

cyfarwyddiadau - instructions

gwirioni - to dote on

gweddu - to suit

uchafbwyntiau - highlights

gwefr - thrill

6. The Llaeth y Llan Family

Trystan visits Tal y Bryn farm near Llanefydd in Denbighshire; this is the home of the yoghurt business - 'Llaeth y Llan'. Gareth Roberts and his wife Falmai used to run the business but they have now retired. Today it's their son Gareth who's in charge from day to day and his sister Llior looks after the marketing.

Vocabulary Help

cynnyrch - product; produce

cynhwysion - ingredients

dibynnu - to depend

marchnata - marketing

hysbyseb - advert

blas/-au - flavour

addasu - to adapt

7. The Fouladi Family

Trystan went to Cardiff to meet Liz Fouladi who hails from Llanuwchllyn near Bala. Liz has lived in Cardiff for over fourty years with her husband Ali, who is originally from Iran. Liz and Ali have two daughters - Elin who is a singer and Siân who also enjoys singing. Sian was born with Down Syndrome; she is 25 years old and lives a very busy life.

Vocabulary Help

cyflwr - condition

annibynnol - independent

gwenwyno - to poison

achub - to save

dyled - debt

amynedd - patience

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