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    In this new series, Nia Parry visits eight people in their homes...

  • Welsh Learner of the Year 2018 (Programme 1)

    Every year, at the National Eisteddfod, there is a very important competition to find the Welsh Learner of the Year.

  • Welsh Learner of the Year 2018 (Programme 2)

    Every year, at the National Eisteddfod, there is a very important competition to find the Welsh Learner of the Year.

  • Codi Pac

    A new series that takes us on a journey around Wales with Geraint Hardy.

  • Priodas Pum Mil

    A series where presenters Emma Walford and. Trystan Elis Morris follow couples who are getting married as their family and friends try to arrange the wedding for £5,000.

  • Caru Casglu

    In this series Ifan Jones Evans meets all kinds of people who collect stuff – from bottles to shoes, records to doll's houses to autographs. There are amazing collections all over Wales.

  • Work Experience

    During the next few weeks we'll be sending Welsh learners to the farm and the factory, to camping grounds and castles.

  • Help Llaw

    In this series six Welsh learners will spend two days volunteering (gwirfoddoli) in different organisations (sefydliadau) and charities (elusennau) across Wales, getting the opportunity to put their Welsh into practise.

  • Llyncu Geiriau

    'Llyncu Geiriau' is a word quiz. Each week Eleri Siôn challenges two teams of learners to recognise, remember, to create an translate all kinds of Welsh words.

  • Welsh Learner of the Year 2017

    Every year at the National Eisteddfod, there's a very important competition to find the Welsh Learner of the Year (Dysgwr y Flwyddyn). In May...

  • Pigion Cegin Bryn

    Pigion Cegin Bryn

    Bryn Williams, the chef, comes originally from the Vale of Clwyd...

  • Highlights Y Sioe

    In this series we look back at the highlights of the Royal Welsh Show at Llanelwedd, near Builth Wells in Powys.

  • Sgwad Sêr Cymru Highlights

    This is a special highlights programme from the series Sgwad Sêr Cymru. Osian Roberts and Lowri Morgan meet individuals who have achieved excellence in their chosen sport.

  • Perthyn

    Perthyn is a new series that looks at the relationship of two people...

  • Ar Werth

    In this series we follow some of Wales' estate agents. In this programme, Iestyn Leyshon, faces the big challenge of selling an old historical home outside Aberystwyth. Dafydd Hardy introduces a new service to the business and in Ruthin Glyn Owens looks for a new family to renovate an old school.

  • Sgwad Sêr Cymru

    This is a new series where the Wales football team's assistant coach Osian Roberts and marathon ultra runner Lowri Morgan meet some of the young stars from the world of Sport in Wales.

  • Benthyg Teulu

    In this series, learners who do not have many opportunities to use Welsh from day to day, spend time with families who live their lives almost totally through the medium of Welsh. We'll join families in all parts of Wales from Alltwalis in the west to Aberdaron in the Lleyn peninsula.

  • Welsh Learner of The Year 2016

    Welsh Learner of The Year 2016

  • Cwmni

    In this series, we visit six companies in Wales.

  • Royal Welsh Show Highlights

    In this series we look back on the highlights of the Royal Welsh Show in Llanelwedd near Builth Wells in Powys. The Royal Welsh Show is Europe's largest agricultural show.

  • Pwt o Hanes

    In this new series there will be an opportunity to learn a little bit about the history of Wales, the Welsh and their language...

  • Galwch Acw

    Galwch Acw

    Galwch Acw is a cooking series in the company of three learners, the presenter Gareth Roberts and Welsh tutor, Ioan Talfryn...

  • Milltir²


    In this series, Nia Parry will be travelling around Wales to see some of the nation's most special areas and colourful characters...

  • Gwaith Cartref

    Gwaith Cartref

    Wednesday at 8.25

    The new series of Gwaith Cartref will be starting on S4C this Wednesday, remember to use the Dal Ati app as 2nd screen while watching.

  • Bore Da

    Bore Da

    Dal Ati starts at 10.30 with an hourly slot called Bore Da in which Elin Llwyd and Alun Williams guide us through items from the magazine series Heno and Prynhawn Da.

  • Welsh Learner of the year 2014

    Welsh Learner of the year 2014

    Every year, a special competition is held for learners as part of the National Eisteddfod, namely the Learner of the Year competition...

  • Isy Suttie, Actress and comedienne

    Isy Suttie learning Welsh in London.

  • Gwaith Cartref

    Gwaith Cartref

    In addition to the series, an exciting new development sees the launch of a new resource for learners...

  • Learners' of the Week

    Here's a chance to see clips that were filmed for 'Hwb' between 2012 and 2014. In this series...

  • ​Corff Cymru

    In this series of seven programmes we'll see sections from the two series of 'Corff Cymru'; the series were broadcast on S4C...

  • ​The Welsh Lesson

    Have you ever been to a Welsh Lesson? How did you feel? How much did you understand? Did you feel confident enough to speak? What did you think of the tutor? And what about the...

  • Welsh Learner of the Year 2015

    Each year there is a special competition for Welsh Learners in the National Eisteddfod, Dysgwr y Flwyddyn - Welsh Learner of the Year. This year the eisteddfod is hosted by Montgomeryshire and the borders.

  • Sgyrsiau Soffa Hwb

    In this series we'll have the opportunity to watch some of the chats from the series, Hwb. Between 2012 and 2014 many guests...

  • Learners from Abroad

    A chance to see the Skype chats that were filmed for Hwb between 2012 and 2014. In this series, the learners who live outside Wales talk to Nia a Matt Johnson about themselves and about learning Welsh.

  • Cariad@Iaith Highlights

    Back in June 2015 eight celebs arrived in the Alternative Technology Centre near Machynlleth to learn Welsh by taking part in the series cariad@iaith. Also there were tutors...

  • #FI

    #Fi is a series of short programmes that looks at the lives of young people.

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