How to Videos

    • Video 1

      How to change the language settings to Welsh/Cymraeg on Facebook.

    • Video 2

      How to set your email to Welsh/Cymraeg.

    • Video 3

      Using Microsoft Office to help understand the meaning of some Welsh words.

    • Video 4

      How to set Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013 to Welsh.

    • Video 5

      How To Change Your Windows 7 Interface to Welsh.

    • Video 6

      How To Change your Mac OSx 10.9.1 Settings to Welsh/Cymraeg.

    • Video 7

      How to use your Microsoft Windows keyboard to type Welsh/Cymraeg accents.

    • Video 8

      How to change your interface to Welsh on Windows 8/ RT 8.1 (video 2a).

    • Video 9

      How to set the date in Welsh/Cymraeg on your Apple iPhone or iPad.

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