How to Videos

    • Video 1

      How to change the language settings to Welsh/Cymraeg on Facebook.

    • Video 2

      How to set your email to Welsh/Cymraeg.

    • Video 3

      Using Microsoft Office to help understand the meaning of some Welsh words.

    • Video 4

      How to set Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013 to Welsh.

    • Video 5

      How To Change Your Windows 7 Interface to Welsh.

    • Video 6

      How To Change your Mac OSx 10.9.1 Settings to Welsh/Cymraeg.

    • Video 7

      How to use your Microsoft Windows keyboard to type Welsh/Cymraeg accents.

    • Video 8

      How to change your interface to Welsh on Windows 8/ RT 8.1 (video 2a).

    • Video 9

      How to set the date in Welsh/Cymraeg on your Apple iPhone or iPad.

Visit 'Cymraeg' website to learn more about how to Live, Learn and enjoy the Welsh language. This new bi-lingual website, created by the Welsh Government supports and promotes the use of the Welsh language.

The website provides information it also navigates to other websites which share information, services, activities and news in the Welsh langugage.

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