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35 Awr

The jury discuss a murder trial, but little do they know that one of them will soon be added to the body count.

Available now

  • Bois y Pizza

    Bois y Pizza

    Series following two men from Llanelli who set off on a trip through Europe selling pizzas on their way to the World Pizza Championships in Parma.

  • Adre


    Join Nia Parry as she gives us an insight into the lives and homes of some of Wales's familiar faces in 'Adre.' Every home is different and often reflects the character that lives there. This week we'll be visiting the home of Brynmor Williams, the former Lions and Wales rugby player.

  • Nos Da Cyw

    Nos Da Cyw

    Sh! The sun is setting so let's get ready for a bedtime story. Today's story is about Cyw and the big bed.

  • Antur Natur Cyw

    Antur Natur Cyw

    Series for pre-school children teaching them about animals and the natural world.

  • Ahoi!


    Lots of fun for pre-school children with friendly pirates Ben Dant and Cadi.

  • Dan Do

    Dan Do

    Join Aled Samuel and Mandy Watkins in a new series that takes a look at a variety of tasteful and interesting homes across Wales. In this programme we'll be featuring Georgian houses.

  • Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur

    Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur

    Educational series for pre-school series with Jen and Jim.

  • Deian a Loli

    Deian a Loli

    The twins have been playing on the computer all morning, but things go wrong when Deian decides to venture into the game through the screen.

  • Shwshaswyn


    If your world seems too busy, come to Shwshaswyn and live in the moment with us. A series for pre-school children based on the idea of 'mindfulness'.

  • Amser Maith Maith Yn Ôl

    Amser Maith Maith Yn Ôl

    Today's story comes from Tudor times and the home of the Bowen family is very busy. There is talk of a Bard in the area, but Mrs Ifans the cook seems to be missing.

  • Priodas Pum Mil

    Priodas Pum Mil

    Trystan Ellis-Morris and Emma Walford lend a helping hand to a crew of family and friends who are organising a wedding in the Pontyberem area for local couple Louise and Dai. The bride and groom are left completely in the dark; with the support crew having to organise the biggest day of their lives within a few weeks and on a budget of five thousand pounds!

  • Cacamwnci


    Plenty of laughs in this comedy for pre-school children, full of sketches, jokes and fun!

  • Jen a Jim Pob Dim

    Jen a Jim Pob Dim

    Maths series that takes full advantage of S4C's popular 'Cyw ' characters to introduce Foundation Phase maths to young children.

  • Ein Byd

    Ein Byd

    In the last programme of the series, Siôn Jenkins looks at why steroid use is so popular amongst young men in Wales. With up to a million people in the UK taking anabolic steroids to change the way they look, we ask how safe they are. And he speak to one man who says he lost everything after years of steroid abuse.

  • Ffermio


    Weekly countryside and farming magazine.

  • Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol

    Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol

    Tonight, we explore the effects of grief and bereavment. Lisa Gwilym chats to Esyllt Maelor from Morfa Nefyn, editor of a collection of memoirs about loss, as she also discusses her own personal experience of grief. Nia Roberts meets Alison Withey from Ebbw Vale, who fundraises for Velindre Hospital and offers some comfort to those who have lost a loved one by creating teddy bears out of significant clothes or material. The congregational singing comes from Capel y Morfa, Aberystwyth.

  • Rownd a Rownd

    Rownd a Rownd

    It's Valentine's Day and Jason has big plans for the business and his personal life, but in order to succeed he will need to prove a lot to himself and others. Dani is determined to seek the advice of the people closest to her about moving to Manchester, but she is reluctant to be true to herself or Jac¿ until it's too late. Things are going from bad to worse for Robbie, as he plans to do something reckless in order to try and deal with all of his problems.

  • Pobl a'u Gerddi

    Pobl a'u Gerddi

    In this episode Aled Samuel visits the gardens of Gwenda Griffith in Bonvilston, Mel and Heather Parkes in Welshpool and John Hughes in Creigiau.

  • Pigo Dy Drwyn

    Pigo Dy Drwyn

    Mirain and Gareth keep an eye on two teams as they compete in a series of snot-tastic games.

  • Dewi a'r Ditectifs Gwyllt

    Dewi a'r Ditectifs Gwyllt

    Series for youngsters following PC Dewi Evans, a member of the rural crime team in North Wales as he helps to protect local wildlife.

  • Da 'Di Dona

    Da 'Di Dona

    Come and join Dona Direidi as she tries her hand at all sorts of different jobs.

  • Heno


    Nightly magazine with stories from all over Wales and special guests.

  • Ffeil


    Newyddion a chwaraeon dyddiol i bobl ifanc.

  • Teulu Ni

    Teulu Ni

    Children from around Wales guide us through the big and small events in their family life.

  • Awr Fawr

    Awr Fawr

    Programmes for younger viewers.

  • Ar y Dibyn

    Ar y Dibyn

    Ten amateur adventurers battle it out to win ana package worth £10,000.

  • Prynhawn Da

    Prynhawn Da

    Magazine series including features on fashion, style, antiques and cookery.

  • Cyw


    Fun-filled programmes for our younger viewers.

  • Y Byd yn ei Le gyda Guto Harri

    Y Byd yn ei Le gyda Guto Harri

    Guto Harri puts the world to rights as he interviews big names in Welsh and UK politics.

  • Mwy o Sgorio

    Mwy o Sgorio

    MMA fighter Brett Johns joins Dylan Ebenezer and Owain Tudur Jones on the Mwy o Sgorio sofa, to put the footballing world to rights. There will be a special preview of the Scottish Irn Bru Challenge Cup semi-final, as we have the chance to get to know the Connah's Quay squad a little better, ahead of the big match. All the best JD Welsh Premier League goals will be shown, accompanied by a new Welsh music track, while one of south Wales's clubs take on the Cicio'r Bwced challenge.

  • Mike Phillips a'r Senghenydd Sirens

    Mike Phillips a'r Senghenydd Sirens

    Series following Mike Phillips as he undertakes the challenge of coaching women's tugby team, the Senghenydd Sirens. Can he take them to the top of the league'

  • Cacamwnci


    A comedy show for pre-school children, full of sketches, jokes, fun, monkey nonsense and great new comedy characters.

  • Gwdihw


    Megan Llyn meets all sorts of animals - some wild, tame and some really strange ones!

  • Tref a Tryst

    Tref a Tryst

    Join Tref & Tryst for fun, games and big prizes.

  • Y Ras

    Y Ras

    A new sports quiz searching for Wales' most knowledgeable sports fan.

  • Jerwsalem: Tir Sanctaidd

    Jerwsalem: Tir Sanctaidd

    Jason Mohammad explores the history of the Temple Mount, Jerusalem - one of the most sacred places on earth.

  • Dysgu gyda Cyw

    Dysgu gyda Cyw

    A variety of colourful and entertaining programmes that will help young children to learn and develop.

  • Cyw a'i Ffrindiau

    Cyw a'i Ffrindiau

    Animated series for young children with Cyw and friends.

  • Oci Oci Oci

    Oci Oci Oci

    Darts quiz presented by Eleri Siôn and Ifan Jones Evans where teams compete for a pot of money.

  • Y Fets

    Y Fets

    Following Ystwyth Vets from Aberystwyth as they treat animals at the practice and on farms around the Cardigan area.

  • Un Cwestiwn

    Un Cwestiwn

    Eight bright students will compete in four challenging tasks but only one clever contestant will have the chance to answer the one question.

  • Ffasiwn Mecanic

    Ffasiwn Mecanic

    The Final! After weeks of competing it's time for the grand final, where the three finalists will be competing for a cash prize of £3,000, to be the face of the Aston Martin magazine 'Vantage' and to model clothes for the world-famous brand, Dickies. The mechanical challenge will push them to the limit in a race against time before the competition ends with the recreation of a classic photo in the modelling challenge! Who will be crowned winner of Ffasiwn Mecanic 2017'

  • Oli Wyn

    Oli Wyn

    Pre-school series about a lively little cat who loves vehicles of all sorts.

  • Ceffylau Cymru

    Ceffylau Cymru

    A second series of the programme focusing on horses in Wales looking at various breeds and those whose lives revolve around them.

  • Sgorio


    Welsh Premier League football highlights from the 2018-19 season.

  • Mwy o Stwnsh Sadwrn

    Mwy o Stwnsh Sadwrn

    Relive some of the highlights of Saturday's programme.

  • Ward Plant

    Ward Plant

    Factual series following patients and staff at the children's unit of Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor. (2018)

  • Jambori


    Hello and welcome to Jamborî! Come and join Jam on a musical adventure full of interesting sounds and colourful pictures where shadows dance, robots play and fruits move to the music! This and much more on Jamborî!

  • Codi Pac

    Codi Pac

    Geraint Hardy introduces us to towns around Wales and finds out what there is to do and see in the various places.

  • Lowri Morgan: Her 333

    Lowri Morgan: Her 333

    Lowri Morgan is challenging herself to run from North Wales to South Wales in just three days, climbing the three peaks of Snowdon, Cader Idris and Pen y Fan along the way.

  • Penblwyddi Cyw

    Penblwyddi Cyw

    If you're celebrating your birthday, you may be lucky enough to see your photo on today's Cyw!

  • TiPiNi


    Colourful series for pre-school children as TiPiNi tours Wales offering everyone a warm welcome to the festival!

  • Sgorio


    Live coverage of the Barry Town United v Bala Town JD Welsh Premier League match. Back in the 90s, Barry Town ruled the Welsh Premier League, but then came a dip as they started again from scratch at the bottom of the league ladder. Three promotions later and in their second season back in the top division, Barry Town are on the up. Gavin Chesterfield's team finished phase one of the season at the top of the table so it bodes well. Bala Town are today's opponents. EC available. Kick-off 7.30.

  • Stwnsh Sadwrn

    Stwnsh Sadwrn

    Great programmes for youngsters on the weekend.

  • Ar y Bysus

    Ar y Bysus

    A series following three family bus companies in West Wales.

  • Antarctica


    In the second programme of the series, we return to Antarctica to see how unique creatures succeed in surviving the extreme climate - an environment that is at risk as a result of human activity. We plunge into the depths of the lakes below the ice for the first time, and we reveal more about the secrets of the wildlife and micro-organisms that thrive under the extreme conditions. Through incredible photography and CGI, we learn about life in Antarctica - fertile ground for future science and te

  • Ci Da

    Ci Da

    Series about our furry friends; dogs. Facts and fun things to do with your pet.

  • Y Ty Arian

    Y Ty Arian

    In this episode we meet Angharad Davies and her children. Will the family from Caerphilly pull together to get their financial situation back on track and manage to afford that holiday'

  • Bywyd y Fet

    Bywyd y Fet

    Second series of the programme following vets at work in North Wales.

  • Cyw


    Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

  • Halibalw


    Join the Halibalw crew for lots of fun, laughter, singing and dancing.

  • Cyw


    Great weekend programmes for younger viewers.

  • None


    According to the University of Wales dictionary, the meaning of 'hyd y pwrs' ('length of the purse') means going for it and not holding back. And that's what Iwan John and his friends do in this half hour of comedy, poking fun at everyone including S4C!

  • Llys Nini

    Llys Nini

    The story of the furr and feathered creatures at the Llys Nini animals centre in Swansea.

  • Perthyn


    In this programme Trystan Ellis-Morris travels to Betws Gwerfyl Goch to meet farmer and tenor Trebor Edwards and his grandsons, Dion, Cai and Rhydian.

  • TiPiNi


    Children from Cwmbrân welcome the crew today.

  • None


    Having to leave your home is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. But, a year ago, that's exactly what happened to families on Cyfyng Road, Ystalyfera, once their back-gardens had suddenly disappeared. How have the families coped with the stresses and strains of the last twelve traumatic months'

  • Pobol Port Talbot

    Pobol Port Talbot

    Three-part series looking at community life in Port Talbot.

  • Babi Del: Ward Geni

    Babi Del: Ward Geni

    True life tales of pregnancy and childbirth as we follow Welsh mums to be.

  • Tân


    Tension and real-life drama as we follow members of the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

  • 04 Wal

    04 Wal

    A house and home series with Aled Samuel with each programme reflecting a different theme.

  • 04 Wal

    04 Wal

    A house and home series with Aled Samuel with each programme reflecting a different theme.

  • 04 Wal Gwestai'r Byd

    04 Wal Gwestai'r Byd

    A look at some of the world's most interesting hotels, with Aled Samuel and interior designer Leah Hughes, taking in the history, design and architecture of the buildings as well as their unique wow factor.

  • 35 Awr

    35 Awr

    As a result of failing to reach an unanimous verdict, the jury have to reconvene another day. But with Leighton, the defendant's brother on the run, and his partner Susie lying comatose in hospital, the judge has decided, for their own safety, to overnight the jury in a local hotel.

  • 35 Diwrnod - Cyfres 1

    35 Diwrnod - Cyfres 1

    Mystery series, where suburban life comes under the spotlight.

  • 35 Diwrnod - Cyfres 2

    35 Diwrnod - Cyfres 2

    Drama series. Sex, crime, deception. All in a day's work.

  • 35 Diwrnod - Cyfres 3

    35 Diwrnod - Cyfres 3

    Murder mystery - who is the killer and why'

  • Byw Celwydd

    Byw Celwydd

    As they await a visit from the Minister of State for Agriculture and Food, tensions are running high in Cardiff and the patronising tone of Welsh Secretary of State, Gaynor Samuel, does little to ease the situation between the two nations. Angharad is looking for a story and Rhiannon is determined that control of Agriculture remains in Wales following our departure from the European Union, no matter what the cost to her politically, or to the farmers, who await to hear their fate.

  • Con Passionate

    Con Passionate

    Andy's troubles increase as Judith, his wife, tries to attract Craig's attention. Glesni has some unexpected news for Glyn and Eurof gets cornered at the Welsh Department party.

  • None


    To mark the centenary of the death of Hedd Wyn on 31 July, 1917, another chance to see the Oscar-nominated film starring Huw Garmon in the title role. Poetry was Ellis Evans' passion and his life's ambition was to be chaired at a National Eisteddfod. He achieved this at the Birkenhead Eisteddfod of 1917. Unfortunately, he never knew of his success as he was fighting the Germans in the trenches of Ypres, where he died during his first day on the Western Front.

  • None


    A powerful, emotional biopic film based on the tragic history of the singer, pianist and talented composer from Treforest, Morfydd. After moving to London to study at the Royal Academy of Music, she enjoyed the company of D H Lawrence, Ezra Pound and other bohemians of the period. In 1917 she married Ernest Jones, psychoanalyst and friend of Freud. But just over eighteen months after that Mofydd died at the age of 26 following an operation at her father-in-law's home in Mumbles.

  • Nyth Cacwn

    Nyth Cacwn

    Another chance to see the situation comedy by Ifan Gruffydd and Euros Lewis. The series is set on a farm and Ifan Gruffydd plays the main character, farm hand William.

  • None


    Christmas is an exciting time for everyone, but this year the festivities will be extra special for Clive and Rhi. This will be their first Christmas with their new, eleven year old son Frank!

  • None


    Award winning film about the escapades of Kenneth, a young lad who creates havoc wherever he goes. He sings boy soprano, plays the euphonium badly in the local brass band and pretends he's a famous surgeon. By the end of the saga his home village is on its knees! Starring Trystan Roberts and Wynford Ellis-Owen.

  • Sinema'r Byd

    Sinema'r Byd

    A short film from Wales about a little boy who wants to be taller. When Eifion goes on a school trip to the forest, he meets a genie that grants him one wish. But first he must answer a riddle.

  • None


    As Christmas gets nearer Sharon tries to get to grips with her life after the death of her boyfriend Scott Lyn is celebrating her engagement but as usual Janet can't share in her happiness. Three sisters, one millennium and one large gig on the horizon. Will Alan manage to save his skin and attract an audience to the concert' Film based on the series Tair Chwaer( Three Sisters) by Siwan Jones. Starring Donna Edwards, Jonathan Nefydd, Llio Millward, Dewi Rhys Williams and Sara McGaughey.

  • Y Gwyll - Cyfres 1

    Y Gwyll - Cyfres 1

    Detective drama series.

  • Y Gwyll - Cyfres 2

    Y Gwyll - Cyfres 2

    The award-winning detective drama set in Aberystwyth and starring Richard Harrington, Mali Harries, Hannah Daniel and Alex Harries.

  • Y Gwyll - Cyfres 3

    Y Gwyll - Cyfres 3

    2016 series of the successful detective drama starring Richard Harrington, Mali Harries, Hannah Daniel ac Alex Harries.

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