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FFIT Cymru

The five leaders have been chosen. The fitness and diet plans have been prepared. The only thing left to ask is – will you be joining the FFIT Cymru journey this year?

Available now

  • Cegin Cyw

    Cegin Cyw

    Join in the fun with Gruff and George as they make a cheesy pig in Cegin Cyw.

  • Amser Maith Maith Yn Ôl

    Amser Maith Maith Yn Ôl

    Grandad has a story from Tudor times.

  • Jambori


    Come and join Jam on a musical adventure full of interesting sounds and colourful pictures where shadows dance, robots play and fruits move to the music! This and much more on Jamborî!

  • Oli Wyn

    Oli Wyn

    Today, two of Oli Wyn's friends, Tirion and Mali Grug take a trip to the top of the Great Orme in Llandudno on a very special vehicle called a Tramway.

  • Nos Da Cyw

    Nos Da Cyw

    Sh! The sun is setting so let's get ready for a bedtime story. Today's story is about Cyw and the big bed.

  • Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur

    Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur

    Educational series for pre-school series with Jen and Jim.

  •  Cyw


    Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

  • Ar Werth

    Ar Werth


  • Asra


    Primary school children compete to win stars in this out of this world series!

  • Galw Nain Nain Nain

    Galw Nain Nain Nain

    This week Caitlin Davies will be looking for love with the help of her grandmother Judith Edwards, both being from Llangefni, Anglesey. Will she make the right choice'

  • Deian a Loli

    Deian a Loli

    A new series about the mischievous twins who have secret super powers. What happens when the hamster, Pitw, dies' Deian and Loli embark on a very unusual journey to search for the answer.

  • Shwshaswyn


    If your world seems too busy, come to Shwshaswyn and live in the moment with us. A series for pre-school children based on the idea of 'mindfulness'.

  • Jen a Jim Pob Dim

    Jen a Jim Pob Dim

    Maths series that takes full advantage of S4C's popular 'Cyw ' characters to introduce Foundation Phase maths to young children.

  • None


    The countryside of Wales is a beautiful place, but there's an ongoing battle to protect land, people and animals from being plagued by pests. Rats, moles, starlings and squirrels - when they arrive in abundance they upset nature's equilibrium and something must be done. In this documentary we will hear the stories of the farmers and follow the professional pest controllers as they come to the rescue and endeavour to protect farmers, their stock and their crops from these pesky pests.

  • Rhannu


    Sixteen contestants. Two sheds. A bit of luck. And one winner. When the contestants are divided into two teams, they must choose one person to answer for the shed. The winning team is through to the next round, but the losing shed is out of the game until the next programme. This happens again and again, until one person wins £2,000 and a place in the grand final at the end of the year, where they could win £10,000.

  • Dathlu 'Da Dona

    Dathlu 'Da Dona

    Join Dona Direidi for a fun-filled party, full of games, dancing and singing.

  • Gwdihw


    Megan Llyn meets all sorts of animals - some wild, tame and some really strange ones!

  • Cyw


    Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

  • Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol

    Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol

    Join Huw Edwards and the congregation of Salem Chapel, Llangennech as we sing and listen to some of the favourite hymns of Easter led by local musician Allan Fewster. We will celebrate the highlight of the Christian calendar - Christ's resurrection. We will hear familiar Bible readings, musical performances from Sian James, Côr Ysgol Llangennech and Côr Ysgol Y Strade and share some stories that will make us think and meditate for a small moment.

  • Ffermio


    Weekly countryside and farming magazine. This time: Welsh girls are making an impression in Brussels; a machine that will help restore raised bogs; and more.

  • Rownd a Rownd

    Rownd a Rownd

    With the day of 'Yr Iard's activities approaching, Carwyn hints he'd be highly appreciative if all the family were to muck in and help prepare. It's impossible for Iestyn to help since he's started working at Ty Pizza. Despite Gwenno's efforts to help them both compromise, the two are as stubborn as each other. As an experienced driver, Iestyn doesn't think he'll have a lot of trouble mastering how to drive Jason's scooter, but Kylie insists that he's careful. But when was the last time Iestyn l

  • Penblwyddi Cyw

    Penblwyddi Cyw

    If you're celebrating your birthday, you may be lucky enough to see your photo on today's Cyw!

  • Ahoi!


    Lots of fun for pre-school children with friendly pirates Ben Dant and Cadi.

  • Cyw


    Great weekend programmes for younger viewers.

  • Sgorio


    A live game at the top of the JD Welsh Premier League between The New Saints and Caernarfon Town. TNS will be aiming to be crownd Champions for the eighth consecutive time, against the undisputed surprise package of the season - Caernarfon Town. All the action with Dylan Ebenezer and former Carmarthen winger Sion Meredith, while the former international striker Malcolm Allen will be in the commentary box with Nic Parry. English language commentary is available with two former managers in the lea

  • Garddio a Mwy

    Garddio a Mwy

    Flowers, veg and all life's good stuff, with Iwan Edwards, Sioned Edwards and Meinir Gwilym. Meinir shows us how her new pond has established itself in the garden over the winter months. Has any wildlife come to call it home' As Iwan welcomes a champion veg grower to the garden in order to try to understand why on earth his parsnips are so wonky, Sioned shares with us an idea on how to transform a bin storage compound into a feast to the eyes.

  • Pobl a'u Gerddi

    Pobl a'u Gerddi

    Aled Samuel visits Welsh gardens and meets the people who have created them.

  • Dewi a'r Ditectifs Gwyllt

    Dewi a'r Ditectifs Gwyllt

    The detectives will look at Water Voles, which are in danger of dying out altogether here in Wales, but with the help of one or two experts, the detectives learn how to protect and keep them safe in the future.

  • Stwnsh Sadwrn

    Stwnsh Sadwrn

    Great programmes for youngsters on the weekend.

  • Heno


    Tonight, Huw Chiswell is in the studio while Lisa Fearn shares recipes to enjoy over the Easter weekend.

  • Pwy Geith y Gig

    Pwy Geith y Gig

    Today we are in Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy where some band members of Serol Serol were students! The panel will be discussing the audition performances of their popular song "Cadwyni".

  • Chwarter Call

    Chwarter Call

    Join Tudur, Mari, Hanna and Jack for comedy sketches, silly characters and plenty of laughter!

  • #Fi


    Documentary series highlighting the experiences of children across Wales , each with a unique story to tell.

  • Awr Fawr

    Awr Fawr

    Programmes for younger viewers.

  • FFIT Cymru

    FFIT Cymru

    Lisa Gwilym presents and follows the third week of our five leaders' food and fitness scheme. Wonder what type of week the five have had' And how much less will they weigh' With almost 60% of the population of Wales overweight or obese, remember you can also follow the transformation plan on s4c.cymru/ffitcymru.

  • Prynhawn Da

    Prynhawn Da

    Today, Gareth Richards is in the kitchen and we hear about travelling opportunities with Young Farmers Clubs.

  • Arfordir Cymru: Llyn

    Arfordir Cymru: Llyn

    A journey along the coastline of Pen Llyn to explore villages and interesting locations.

  • Antur Natur Cyw

    Antur Natur Cyw

    Series for pre-school children teaching them about animals and the natural world.

  • Mwy o Sgorio

    Mwy o Sgorio

    Jake Phillips, Connah's Quay defender, will be joining Dylan Ebenezer and Malcolm Allen on the Mwy o Sgorio sofa this week, to discuss all the big Welsh footballing stories. There will be a special feature on the Women's Welsh Cup final as well as an insight into an unusual league in Cardiff. We'll see the latest from the JD Welsh Premier League to the sounds of the track of the week, while another team tries to beat the Cicio'r Bwced challenge.

  • OMG: Ysgol Ni!

    OMG: Ysgol Ni!

    Documentary following staff and pupils at Ysgol Maes Garmon, Mold.

  • Fideo Fi

    Fideo Fi

    A series full of vlogs and videos for Stwnsh viewers. Check out the website so you can take part too!

  • Gwesty Aduniad

    Gwesty Aduniad

    For guests who check in to Gwesty Aduniad ('Reunion Hotel') one thing's for certain: life is about to change forever. Nestled in the heart of the Welsh countryside, the guests at this hotel are here with only one thing in mind: to meet someone from their past. Tonight Taith Williams, and her father, David, arrive at the hotel with one purpose in mind: to start the search for Taith's birth mother, Lucía, who gave her up for adoption in Guatemala City over twenty years ago.

  • Cacamwnci


    A comedy show for pre-school children, full of sketches, jokes, fun, monkey nonsense and great new comedy characters.

  • Cegin Bryn: Tir a Môr

    Cegin Bryn: Tir a Môr

    The land and seas of Wales inspire Bryn Williams in his 2016 cookery series.

  • Boom!


    This is the show that does the experiments you shouldn't do at home! Explosions, electric shocks, dangerous chemicals, more explosions, cutting-edge technology and gunge!

  • Her Yr Hinsawdd

    Her Yr Hinsawdd

    Professor Siwan Davies looks into the effects of present climate change.

  • Cyw a'i Ffrindiau

    Cyw a'i Ffrindiau

    Animated series for young children with Cyw and friends.

  • Helo Syrjeri

    Helo Syrjeri

    Series following the staff and patients of a health centre in Blaenau Ffestiniog. With over six thousand patients on the books, who knows which problem will come through the door next! On this occasion, Dr. Rachel sees one patient suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, psychiatric nurse Iola sees one local man who wants to start treatment to wean off cocaine, and caregiver Gwilym receives treatment for his painful knee.

  • None


    How do we age without losing it all' Over a year of change we follow Maria (108) Hywel (92) and Gruffydd (88) as they struggle to be independent whilst still living at home. With more of us than ever living into old age we follow three people as they battle against ageing to the very end.

  • Un Cwestiwn

    Un Cwestiwn

    Eight bright students will compete in four challenging tasks, but only one clever contestant will have the chance to answer the one question.

  • Tudur Owen a'r Cwmni

    Tudur Owen a'r Cwmni

    In the final programme, Tudur Owen is in Lampeter where a local group are trying to loosen the grip that big business has on the fashion world as they design, make and sell their own unique clothes. In the group there are new designers, workers from the Dewhirst clothes factory that closed 15 years ago, as well as clothes shop owners from the high street. They all share the dream of making Lampeter the go-to place for the best clothes.

  • Sgorio


    Welsh Premier League football highlights from the 2018-19 season.

  • Mwy o Stwnsh Sadwrn

    Mwy o Stwnsh Sadwrn

    Relive some of the highlights of Saturday's programme.

  • None


    In 2011, sixteen year-old Llywelyn Williams lost his leg following an accident with a car while skateboarding. In this programme, his family and friends recall that fateful day and give us an insight into his drive, will and determination to return to his passion, the sea and surfing. We follow Llywelyn as he prepares to be the first athlete from Wales to participate in the ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship held in La Jolla, San Diego.

  • Becws


    Beca Lyne-Pirkis inspires us with more delicious recipes.

  • Amser Stori

    Amser Stori

    Today's story is about Triog and the tractor.

  • Chwaraeon y Dyn Bach

    Chwaraeon y Dyn Bach

    James Lusted introduces us to the world of disability sports.

  • Ar Goll

    Ar Goll

    An 80 year old dementia sufferer has been reported missing in rural Carmarthenshire. And a dispatcher from the communications centre is retiring after a 45 year career with the force.

  • None


    Arthur and Glesni lead a quiet, fuss-free life together in rural Mid-Wales. That is until Arthur discovers a new technology which will change their lives for ever.

  • None


    Short film telling the story of timeless love, with a twist in the tale. As Dylan cares for his dying wife, Gwen, he relives bittersweet memories of their long and happy life together. Dawn breaks and Gwen dies. Returning to the sea shore where they first met, Dylan allows the waves to claim him. The screenplay is based on the short story that won first prize in the 2014 Rhys Davies Short Story Competition.

  • Gerddi Cymru

    Gerddi Cymru

    Aled Samuel visits beautiful gardens around Wales.

  • Cyw


    Fun-filled programmes for our younger viewers.

  • Rygbi Pawb

    Rygbi Pawb

    Live coverage of the men's rugby match from the Wales Varsirty, between Cardiff University and Swansea University. Kick off at the Principality Stadium is at 7.05pm. English commentary available.

  • Dysgu gyda Cyw

    Dysgu gyda Cyw

    A variety of colourful and entertaining programmes that will help young children to learn and develop.

  • Cyw


    Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

  • None


    Huw Stephens is on a musical pilgrimage across Wales listening to some of the most unique music from current and well known Welsh language artists. Buses¿ trains¿ roadside cafes¿ taxis¿ hitching lifts¿the open road. And an anorak.

  • Ceffylau Cymru

    Ceffylau Cymru

    A second series of the programme focusing on horses in Wales looking at various breeds and those whose lives revolve around them.

  • None


    On his personal journey, the entertaining, eloquent farmer Gareth Wyn Jones tries to find out what an upland farmer in Wales can learn from New Zealand - from farmers who lost their subsidies in 1984 - which contrary to expectations created a situation that has made the country more competitive and innovative. Can Welsh farmers achieve a similar miracle'

  • None


    From the 2017 Anglesey National Eisteddfod pavilion stage, Dilwyn Morgan introduces a grandiose Noson Lawen with a stellar cast - Elin Fflur, Côr Glanaethwy, Elir Jones, Trio, Wil Tân and Ceri, Y Tri Trwmpedwr, Edern and Richard and Dafydd.

  • Cefn Gwlad

    Cefn Gwlad

    Series of hour long programmes with Dai Llanilar leading a team of young presenters. This time, Dai looks back in admiration at some of Cefn Gwlad's memorable stockmen since filming started in 1983. Also, we are home with Mari mid lambing season, Rhys visits the Hoelion Wyth Eisteddfod, caterers Cegin Fach y Wlad are at Carmarthen mart, and Junior Cefn Gwlad are with Anglesey dairy goats.

  • Pigo Dy Drwyn

    Pigo Dy Drwyn

    Mirain and Gareth keep an eye on two teams as they compete in a series of snot-tastic games.

  • Codi Pac

    Codi Pac

    Geraint Hardy introduces us to towns around Wales and finds out what there is to do and see in the various places.

  • Heno


    Nightly magazine with stories from all over Wales and special guests.

  • Ar y Dibyn

    Ar y Dibyn

    Ten amateur adventurers battle it out to win ana package worth £10,000.

  • Prynhawn Da

    Prynhawn Da

    Magazine series including features on fashion, style, antiques and cookery.

  • Fferm Ffactor Selebs

    Fferm Ffactor Selebs

    Team Anni and Team Aeron go head to head down on the farm in the final challenge. From herding lambs to driving a tractor, these will be the toughest challenges the teams have faced. The winners will be awarded the 'Fferm Ffactor' title and three thousand pounds for a charity of their choice.

  • Pawb a'i Farn

    Pawb a'i Farn

    Tonight's programme is the last in the series and comes from the Senedd in Cardiff Bay. Dewi Llwyd will be chairing the debate between a local audience and the panel which includes Paul Davies AM, the Conservative Leader in the assembly; Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price AM; Dr Zo¸ Morris Williams, a GP in Pontypridd; Blaenau Gwent Labour AM Alun Davies and Sara Moseley, Director of Mind Cymru.

  • Mamwlad gyda Ffion Hague

    Mamwlad gyda Ffion Hague

    Ffion Hague tells the story of women who have played a prominent role in Welsh history.

  • Ffermio


    Weekly countryside and farming magazine.

  • Chwedloni


    Unique stories reflecting life.

  • None


    A programme that celebrates courage and says thank you to the young heroes in our society - those individuals who, despite their young lives, have been through the mill, but who have shown great courage, often when their days are very dark. There will also be a special evening at the Strade Park Hotel where all the families and other heroes will assemble to present the children with a special trophy that celebrates their courage.

  • Mike Phillips a'r Senghenydd Sirens

    Mike Phillips a'r Senghenydd Sirens

    Series following Mike Phillips as he undertakes the challenge of coaching women's tugby team, the Senghenydd Sirens. Can he take them to the top of the league'

  • 04 Wal

    04 Wal

    A house and home series with Aled Samuel with each programme reflecting a different theme.

  • 04 Wal

    04 Wal

    A house and home series with Aled Samuel with each programme reflecting a different theme.

  • 04 Wal Gwestai'r Byd

    04 Wal Gwestai'r Byd

    A look at some of the world's most interesting hotels, with Aled Samuel and interior designer Leah Hughes, taking in the history, design and architecture of the buildings as well as their unique wow factor.

  • 35 Diwrnod - Cyfres 1

    35 Diwrnod - Cyfres 1

    Mystery series, where suburban life comes under the spotlight.

  • 35 Diwrnod - Cyfres 2

    35 Diwrnod - Cyfres 2

    Drama series. Sex, crime, deception. All in a day's work.

  • 35 Diwrnod - Cyfres 3

    35 Diwrnod - Cyfres 3

    Murder mystery - who is the killer and why'

  • Bois y Pizza

    Bois y Pizza

    Series following two men from Llanelli who set off on a trip through Europe selling pizzas on their way to the World Pizza Championships in Parma.

  • Con Passionate

    Con Passionate

    Andy's troubles increase as Judith, his wife, tries to attract Craig's attention. Glesni has some unexpected news for Glyn and Eurof gets cornered at the Welsh Department party.

  • Deian a Lol i- Cyfres1

    Deian a Lol i- Cyfres1

    Cyfres ar gyfer plant bach am efeilliaid direidus a'u pwerau hudol.

  • None


    To mark the centenary of the death of Hedd Wyn on 31 July, 1917, another chance to see the Oscar-nominated film starring Huw Garmon in the title role. Poetry was Ellis Evans' passion and his life's ambition was to be chaired at a National Eisteddfod. He achieved this at the Birkenhead Eisteddfod of 1917. Unfortunately, he never knew of his success as he was fighting the Germans in the trenches of Ypres, where he died during his first day on the Western Front.

  • None


    A powerful, emotional biopic film based on the tragic history of the singer, pianist and talented composer from Treforest, Morfydd. After moving to London to study at the Royal Academy of Music, she enjoyed the company of D H Lawrence, Ezra Pound and other bohemians of the period. In 1917 she married Ernest Jones, psychoanalyst and friend of Freud. But just over eighteen months after that Mofydd died at the age of 26 following an operation at her father-in-law's home in Mumbles.

  • Nyth Cacwn

    Nyth Cacwn

    Another chance to see the situation comedy by Ifan Gruffydd and Euros Lewis. The series is set on a farm and Ifan Gruffydd plays the main character, farm hand William.

  • None


    Christmas is an exciting time for everyone, but this year the festivities will be extra special for Clive and Rhi. This will be their first Christmas with their new, eleven year old son Frank!

  • None


    Award winning film about the escapades of Kenneth, a young lad who creates havoc wherever he goes. He sings boy soprano, plays the euphonium badly in the local brass band and pretends he's a famous surgeon. By the end of the saga his home village is on its knees! Starring Trystan Roberts and Wynford Ellis-Owen.

  • Rygbi Pawb Gweddarllediadau 2018-19

    Rygbi Pawb Gweddarllediadau 2018-19


  • Sgorio


    Live coverage of the Welsh Premiere League match, available online only.

  • Sinema'r Byd

    Sinema'r Byd

    A short film from Wales about a little boy who wants to be taller. When Eifion goes on a school trip to the forest, he meets a genie that grants him one wish. But first he must answer a riddle.

  • None


    As Christmas gets nearer Sharon tries to get to grips with her life after the death of her boyfriend Scott Lyn is celebrating her engagement but as usual Janet can't share in her happiness. Three sisters, one millennium and one large gig on the horizon. Will Alan manage to save his skin and attract an audience to the concert' Film based on the series Tair Chwaer( Three Sisters) by Siwan Jones. Starring Donna Edwards, Jonathan Nefydd, Llio Millward, Dewi Rhys Williams and Sara McGaughey.

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