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Taith Tatŵ Dewi Pws

Before deciding if he wants to go under the needle, Dewi goes on a tour of North Wales to meet some literally colourful characters in the programme, Taith Tatŵ Dewi Pws.

On his journey he'll hear the stories behind the tattoos – from the funny to the celebratory, to the poignant and the downright silly. He'll also contemplate whether he wants to go for it too. What is important enough to him to display on his body for the rest of his life?

Available now

  • Prynhawn Da

    Prynhawn Da

    Magazine series including features on fashion, style, antiques and cookery.

  • Heno


    Nightly magazine with stories from all over Wales and special guests.

  • Cyw


    Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

  • Cyw


    Fun-filled programmes to entertain younger viewers.

  • Ffermio


    Countryside and farming magazine.

  • Bywyd y Fet

    Bywyd y Fet

    Second series of the programme following vets at work in North Wales.

  • Fideo Fi

    Fideo Fi

    A series full of vlogs and videos for Stwnsh viewers. Check out the website so you can take part too!

  • Stwnsh


    Tune in to see old favourites and exciting new series for youngsters all over Wales.

  • Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur

    Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur

    Educational series for pre-school series with Jen and Jim.

  • Awr Fawr

    Awr Fawr

    A selection of children's programmes to keep younger viewers entertained.

  • Ward Plant

    Ward Plant

    Eight-part factual series following life at the children's unit of Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor. (2017)

  • Y Ditectif

    Y Ditectif

    In this crime series, Mali Harries learns about the work of Wales' detectives and reveals the secrets of some of their most harrowing cases.

  • Anita


    Second series of the light-hearted drama starring Caryl Parry Jones and Bryn Fôn.

  • Gwyl Cwlwm Celtaidd Glasgow 2017

    Ryland Teifi and Kizzy Crawford take us on a musical journey around the city of Glasgow during this year's Celtic Connections...

  • Pobol y Rhondda

    Pobol y Rhondda

    Second series looking at the Rhondda and its people with local boy Siôn Tomos Owen.

  • Cymoedd Roy Noble

    Cymoedd Roy Noble

    The Tywi valley brings the series to a close and Roy begins his journey in Rhandirmwyn at Llyn Brianne, one of...

  • Rownd a Rownd

    Rownd a Rownd

    Follow all your favourite characters on the long-running soap as they go about their daily lives. (2017 series)

  • Dal Ati

    Dal Ati

    Practise your Welsh with this series for learners. It contains various strands which change throughout the year.

  • Dal Ati: Bore Da

    Dal Ati: Bore Da

    A look through recent items shown on Heno or Prynhawn Da of particular interest to Welsh learners. (2016)

  • Penblwyddi Cyw

    Penblwyddi Cyw

    If you're celebrating your birthday, you may see your photo today on Cyw!

  • Halibalw


    Join the Halibalw crew for lots of fun, laughter, singing and dancing.

  • Cyw


    Weekend programmes for younger viewers.

  • Wil ac Aeron: Taith yr Alban

    Wil ac Aeron: Taith yr Alban

    Following farmers Wil Hendreseifion and Aeron Pughe on a 1500 mile road trip to Scotland.

  • Chwarter Call

    Chwarter Call

    Join Tudur, Mari, Hanna and Jack for comedy sketches, silly characters and plenty of laughter!

  • Pigo Dy Drwyn

    Pigo Dy Drwyn

    Mirain and Gareth keep an eye on two teams as they go head to head in a series of snot-tastic games including zorbing, bungee ropes and a Velcro wall.

  • Tref a Tryst

    Tref a Tryst

    Join Tref, the mischievous dog and his best friend, Trystan for more fun and competitions.

  • Stwnsh Sadwrn

    Stwnsh Sadwrn

    Great programmes and bags of weekend fun for kids and young people.

  • Gwdihw


    Megan Llyn meets all sorts of animals - some wild, tame and some really strange ones!

  • Gwaith Cartref

    Gwaith Cartref

    Drama series following staff and pupils at a secondary school in the South Wales Valleys.

  • Teulu Ni

    Teulu Ni

    Children from around Wales guide us through the big and small events in their family life.

  • Un Tro

    Un Tro

    A colourful series for young children introducing legends and tales from all over the world.

  • Y Dyn Gwyllt

    A documentary following a Gwynedd man as he sets himself the ultimate challenge - to survive in the great outdoors in...

  • Ci Da

    Ci Da

    Series about our furry friends; dogs. Facts and fun things to do with your pet.

  • Da 'Di Dona

    Da 'Di Dona

    Come and join Dona Direidi as she tries her hand at all sorts of different jobs.

  • Dysgu gyda Cyw

    Dysgu gyda Cyw

    A variety of colourful and entertaining programmes that will help young children to learn and develop.

  • O'r Senedd

    O'r Senedd

    Political stories from all corners of Wales, the Senedd in Cardiff Bay and Westminster.

  • Jen a Jim Pob Dim

    Jen a Jim Pob Dim

    Maths series that takes full advantage of S4C's popular 'Cyw ' characters to introduce Foundation Phase maths to young children.

  • Y Diwrnod Mawr

    Y Diwrnod Mawr

    Third series of the programme where we follow a child on an important occasion in their lives.

  • Dewi a'r Ditectifs Gwyllt

    Dewi a'r Ditectifs Gwyllt

    Series for youngsters following PC Dewi Evans, a member of the rural crime team in North Wales as he helps to protect local wildlife.

  • Antur Natur Cyw

    Antur Natur Cyw

    Series for pre-school children teaching them about animals and the natural world.

  • Y Byd ar Bedwar

    Y Byd ar Bedwar

    Current affairs series.

  • Deian a Loli

    Deian a Loli

    Cyfres ar gyfer plant bach am efeilliaid direidus a'u pwerau hudol.

  • Cegin Bryn: Tir a Mor

    Cegin Bryn: Tir a Mor

    The land and seas of Wales inspire Bryn Williams in his 2016 cookery series.

  • Can i Gymru 2017

    Elin Fflur and Trystan Ellis-Morris present the song-writing competition of the year live from Cardiff. Ten new songs compete for the...

  • Cacamwnci


    A comedy show for pre-school children, full of sketches, jokes, fun, monkey nonsense and great new comedy characters.

  • Un Tro

    Un Tro

    A colourful series for young children introducing legends and tales from all over the world.

  • Loriau Mansel Davies a'i Fab

    Loriau Mansel Davies a'i Fab

    A new series following freight company Mansel Davies & Son.

  • Ochr 1: Gwobrau'r Selar 2017

    Highlights of one of the main events in Wales' music calendar, the Y Selar Awards. Featuring live performances by Cowbois Rhos...

  • Asra


    Primary school children compete to win stars in this out of this world series!

  • Taith Tatŵ Dewi Pws

    In his sixties, Dewi Pws is considering getting his first ever tattoo, but he has no idea what kind of tattoo...

  • Byw Celwydd

    Byw Celwydd

    Second series of the drama portraying conflict between fictional journalists, advisors and politicians.

  • 'Run Sbit

    'Run Sbit

    Quirky comedy series in a mocumentary format.

  • Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol

    Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol

    Congregational singing from around Wales and interviews with local people about their faith.

  • Sgorio


    Live football from the Dafabet Welsh Premier League.

  • Pawb a'i Farn

    Pawb a'i Farn

    Dewi Llwyd chairs the discussion show where four panelists answer questions from the audience.

  • #Fi


    Series following a different young person each week as they take part in an interesting event or activity.

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