Dai looks forward to a new series of Cefn Gwlad

Following treatment before Christmas, Dai Jones is back on our screens and looking forward to a brand new series of Cefn Gwlad on Tuesday, 19 February on S4C.

As he continues to recover at home in Llanilar, Dai will have the chance to look back at some of the memorable characters he has met over 35 years of introducing Cefn Gwlad on S4C.

But the rest of the team will continue to travel far and wide, bringing S4C viewers all the latest news and characters while reflecting the marvels of the Welsh countryside.

Dai said:

"At the beginning of a new series of Cefn Gwlad, I would like to thank everyone for their kindness over the past few months. Had it not been for that comradeship and kindness, no-one would have been aware of me – viewers of Cefn Gwlad are very special indeed. The young people will still be there and I will be very happy being among friends who have been a part of Cefn Gwlad for many years."

The team of Cefn Gwlad presenters include Rhys Henllan, Mari Lovgreen, Meleri Williams and Ioan Doye, without forgetting Elis and Gadran – the Cefn Gwlad bach team.

For more than 35 years, the farming programme Cefn Gwlad has been an essential part of the S4C timetable as well as being one of the channel's most popular programmes.

Cefn Gwlad

Tuesday 19 February, 8.00

A Slam Media production for S4C

Welsh and English subtitles are available.

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