Coleg Menai students see their creations on screen

25 October 2022

Coleg Menai students get to see the fruits of their labour on the small screen after working with Rondo Media, the television company which produces the popular soap opera Rownd a Rownd on two exciting projects recently.

Level 3 Art and Design students and students from the college's Performing Arts course received a brief from the production company to create a design for a new sign on the garage door in the series.

The other task was to create 'props' - goods for Bythol Wyrdd, a new shop that has been set up by two of the series' characters - Mali and Caitlin - selling recycled objects.

The project is part of a long-term partnership between the college and Rondo, which, through workshops, gives students the opportunity to gain valuable experience of working alongside people who work in the broadcasting field.

The new sign that can now be seen on the door of the garage in the series is an impressive mural that has combined the elements of six ideas from the creative students.

Among the 55 Art and Design students who collaborated with the Art Director of the Rownd a Rownd series to create the recycled goods for the Bythol Wyrdd store are Mia Condliffe and Lou Purton.

Both felt the opportunity to work alongside professionals gave them a fascinating insight:

"I really enjoyed working on this project for Rownd a Rownd," says Mia. "It was fun to get the chance to do something different and exciting.

"Working on this project also gave me new art skills working creatively with objects we found on the beach."

Lou adds: "I found this experience thrilling and interesting, it was fun and enjoyable to make these props for the show."

Fflur Rees Jones, Assistant Principal at Coleg Menai, says: "We are very grateful to Rondo Media for providing our students with this fantastic opportunity, and we are very proud of the fact that our students' work is being displayed on Rownd a Rownd".

She added, "The experience our students have received as a result of this is second to none, and will certainly be extremely valuable as they look for work after they have completed college.

"This important partnership with Rondo Media has inspired the next generation of workers in television and film, giving an insight into the world of work."

Manon Lewis, Producer for Rownd a Rownd says: "We would like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank the students of Coleg Menai for their valuable and extremely high quality contribution to Rownd a Rownd episodes.

"We're proud of the partnership that has been established between Rondo and the college and look forward to further collaboration to offer various training and opportunities to the students.

"It is very important for us to show the range of jobs and skills that exist within the industry and we are passionate about training to ensure the future of the television industry here in North Wales."

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