​Los Blancos and S4C release official World Cup song – 'Bricsen Arall'

3 November 2022

The band Los Blancos and S4C have released a song to celebrate Wales' historic appearance at the 2022 FIFA World Cup - 'Bricsen Arall' (Another Brick).

The song will be released on Thursday 3 November, just over two weeks before Wales' first match in the World Cup, which will be shown live on S4C - the home of Welsh football.

The song will be available on all streaming services such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Soundcloud, with the video released on S4C's YouTube page.

"I've been waiting a lifetime for this moment.

"64 years, five months and two days - but who's counting?"

These are the words that are repeated in the uplifting chorus of this indie guitar anthem, which reflects the historical pain that Welsh fans have suffered as well as the joy that followed in recent years during the team's golden age.

One thing that is clear when listening to the song is that the band, originally from Carmarthen, are devoted members of the Red Wall.

Bricsen Arall by Los Blancos - Official S4C song for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Dewi, Los Blancos bass guitarist, said: "All of us are massive football fans and big supporters of the Welsh team, and we go to a lot of the games.

"So when S4C contacted us to ask if we were interested in recording a World Cup song, it was a no brainer!

"Because we are fans, it puts a little pressure on us because this is something you dream of doing, but something you never think you'll have the chance to actually do.

"So when the time came to sit down and write song, we were just lost for a couple of weeks, with writer's block and not being able to think of ideas. It was tough! It was completely different to our usual process of writing a song."

How does the band hope the Welsh fans will react to the song?

"I hope people are going to like it," said Dewi. "We've had a great opportunity from S4C to record a song to mark the World Cup, and I hope it gets a lot of attention.

"I hope the Welsh fans think it's a pretty catchy song and that people can sing along with it.

"And I hope we can perform this in the stadium when Wales qualifies for the 2062 World Cup, like Dafydd Iwan!"

'Bricsen Arall' by Los Blancos will be released on streaming services, the S4C YouTube channel and @S4C social media channels on Thursday 3 November.

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