25 July

Viewers will be able to choose Welsh language subtitles on S4C's News programme Newyddion from September onwards.

The option to have Welsh subtitles will be available whilst watching on linear TV and on S4C Clic live stream and catch up.

Subtitled clips will also be published on the Newyddion S4C app and website.

These changes will make it easier for those who are learning Welsh to follow news stories.

The changes are a response to a consultation held with Welsh learners to understand and react to their viewing patterns.

Currently S4C has a weekly news programme aimed at Welsh learners called Yr Wythnos.

With the introduction of the new Welsh subtitles service, Yr Wythnos has come to an end.

S4C is proud to stimulate new Welsh speakers, lift their confidence to use the language, and to support the Welsh Government's target of a million Welsh speakers by 2050.

The subtitles option has recently been made available for the Heno magazine programme.

With the option also available on Newyddion S4C, the provision of Welsh subtitles on S4C's primetime programmes (7pm – 10pm) will have increased in a year from 52% to 86%.

Sharen Griffith, S4C's News Commissioner says:

"Watching and reading the news regularly is a fantastic way to learn Welsh.

"These changes will make it easier to learn by watching the S4C News programme with subtitles, or by visiting our website or the Newyddion app and click on Dysgu Cymraeg."

Newyddion is a BBC Cymru Wales production for S4C.

This comes as S4C hosts a discussion about provision for Welsh learners on the first day of The Royal Welsh Show in Llanelwedd.

During the session, farmer and poet Sam Robinson will discuss his journey learning Welsh with Sara Peacock, S4C's Welsh Language Strategy Lead.

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