Green Man Festival only on S4C

23 August 2023

S4C will broadcast highlights of the Green Man Festival for the first time ever.

Over the summer, S4C has brought live programmes from the Llangollen International Eisteddfod, The Royal Welsh Show, Tafwyl and the National Eisteddfod, and this programme will be a deserving end to the live summer events seen on S4C.

Presenting this special programme will be radio and television presenter Huw Stephens and queen of Welsh reggae and presenter Aleighcia Scott.

Huw said:

"The Green Man Festival is very close to my heart; I've been to every one since the second one ever.

"The Green Man Festival is world famous, due to the fact that it is a large independent festival, which is rare, and due to the quality of the global artists who play every year."

The programme will include performances by bands such as Rogue Jones, First Aid Kit, Melin Melyn, Self Esteem and much more.

Presenter Ceri Siggins will bring us a taste of events from some of the festival's unusual corners with contributions from comedians Esyllt Sears and Mel Owen.

"My favourite thing about the festival is discovering loads of new bands," adds Huw, "We hope that this programme will bring a taste of the festival to everyone watching, and that they'll hear something new and great, from headliners like Self Esteem to people we haven't heard about yet!"

Aleighcia Scott says:

"My Green Man Festival experience has been amazing. I've loved all of it – from taking part on stage, to presenting alongside Huw – in Welsh – how crazy is that? To think that I've only been learning Welsh in little over a year and then to present alongside an experienced presenter in the language is mind blowing if I'm being honest!

"One of the highlights for me was seeing Obongjayar perform. He is someone I take inspiration from and I'm so proud to have been able to present his style of music to a Welsh audience. This is another thing I love about the festival – it brings new talent to a new audience and the highlights programme will reflect this."

An annual ritual that ends the festival is the burning of the Green Man. Every year, there's a different theme around the ritual and this year's theme is the name Bannau Brycheiniog.

Join Huw and Aleighcia to get all the highlights from this extraordinary festival.

Gŵyl y Dyn Gwyrdd 2023 - 26 August 20:30

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