Delivery Dates

The delivery dates for S4C programmes are noted in the licence agreement for each programme or series. These dates are also automatically stored in S4C broadcast management system (BSM) and various departments within S4C rely on the accuracy of these dates when scheduling programmes for broadcast, for informing the press and for marketing purposes. They also drive workflows within S4C, and we liaise with external companies responsible for supplying access services based on delivery dates. It is important therefore that they are amended if a change to the delivery date is agreed.

All requests for a delivery date to be changed should be sent by e-mail to Llion Iwan in the planning department (Llion.Iwan@s4c.cymru), also copied to the relevant commissioner. Llion or a member of his team will then respond by e-mail to confirm whether or not the delivery date can be changed. This will ensure that all parties are working to the same delivery dates.

Thank you for your co-operation in advance.

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