As part of the co-location scheme S4C is preparing for the move to Central Square, Cardiff and several workstreams are in operation.

One of these streams is the proposed disposal of rushes from the tapes library that have been in the library at Parc Ty Glas for several years now. -The rushes are part of programs originally produced for S4C under the old regime.

We are keen that companies and/or individuals interested in these rushes contact us at S4C in order to claim the tapes, otherwise we will dispose of them safely and responsibly by using a licensed third party at the end of Quarter 2 2020.

Companies should send one email expressing their interest and we will then arrange an appointment for you to come along to S4C Parc Ty Glas to browse through the rushes and discuss your request. – It will be the company's responsibility to remove the tapes from S4C and we will ask you to sign appropriate paperwork before doing so.

To start the process and declare your interest you will need to email Enfys Davies-Harries Enfys.Davies-Harries@s4c.cymru in the Business affairs section. -Within the email it will be useful to know which companies you represent (identifying companies that may have merged or are now part of another company) and if there are any particular series/programme in question.

The option to declare an interest will be closed January 24, 2020 at 18.00, and we are keen to offer the February 2020 dates for a visit to the library.

If there are further questions, they should be sent to the attention of Enfys Davies-Harries on the above email.

Many thanks,

Jen Pappas/Rhys Bevan


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