We're looking for films:

- about 15 minutes long

- curated to be watched online: YouTube & S4C Clic mainly, with cutdowns for Facebook & Instagram TV.

- by production companies o'r self-shooters with a background in documentary filmmaking

- to be published within the year up until March 2021

- on a variety of subjects, but you must clearly show that they are relevant and reflect the contemporary aspirations and interests of viewers aged 16-34

- that can make creative and innovative use of available funds using suitable camera and graphics techniques

- shot so that they are suitable for viewing in 16:9 format but with 1:1 and 9:16 cutdowns as part of the package

You can offer a series of up to 3 ideas if it works as a series but they must be strong ideas that can stand on their own as individual films.

You can view the documentaries Hansh have commissioned over the last two years here:


We will consider a small proportion of the documentaries to be for the contemporary music and culture brand of Lŵp, giving the opportunity to make music / artistic documentaries. We are keen for the Lŵp documentaries to push creative boundaries in terms of style, story and visual treatment. We do not want artists' profiles. Instead, we'd like visual experiments in portraying a living, thriving and exciting culture.

We aren't looking for current affairs, political issues, or personal stories that look at more difficult journalistic issues in this round, as we have commissioned a separate current affairs series for Hansh that will be published over the same period.

Each pitch will need to include:

- A strong and clear title

- One-line strapline

- A clear explanation of why Hansh, why now, who it appeals to and its relevance to the audience

- A story outline giving the background of the main character(s), what we follow during the film and the kind of emotional story development we can expect.

- A clear idea of the tone and style of the documentary - who are your influences? Does another documentary style inspire you? Show references & give examples through images / video / moodboard

- Some information about the key creative team and your documentary experience / links to previous work

How to present an idea?

This is an open call and continues to roll forward until December 2020 in order for us to commission throughout the year, but we would be keen to receive ideas ASAP to commission before Christmas, so get in touch directly with Rhodri ap Dyfrig, Online Content Commissioner, with a pitch – rhodri.apdyfrig@s4c.cymru

You can submit more than one idea. We will confirm receipt of the idea by email.

The S4C production website http://www.s4c.cymru/cy/cynhyrchu/ offers useful information including technical, contractual and communication information if there is a question about production processes particularly within the context of the coronavirus.

We reserve the right to modify the schedule and will notify our intention by email. If successful the idea will need to be identified in the S4C "Cwmwl" commissioning system.

We very much look forward to receiving your proposals.

We reserve the right not to commission any of the bids received.


Price per documentary film should not exceed £10,000.

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