Nia, Osian and Emily's Recipes

Nia's Tuna Steak

Tuna steak, rosti potatoes and salsa


1 x Maris Piper potato


sunflower oil



salt and pepper

soy sauce

orange juice

lime (2)

1 x small red onion

3 x sweet cherry tomatoes

1 x red chilli

fresh coriander

caster sugar

olive oil

tuna Steak


  • Mix the garlic, olive oil, orange juice, orange and lemon juice, soy sauce, salt and pepper and pour over tuna steak.
  • Peel and grate the potato and place in a clean tea cloth and squeeze the water out. Open the cloth and put plenty of salt and pepper over the potato.
  • Pour olive oil into a frying pan over a medium heat and place a metal ring in the middle. Put the potatoes into the metal ring. Turn the heat down low.
  • For the Salsa - finely chop small red onion, tomatoes, chili and coriander and place it all in a bowl. Pour the lime juice over it.
  • Turn the griddle to a high heat. Take the tuna from the marinade and place on the griddle. Cook for 3 minutes each side. Place the tuna on a plate and cover with foil to rest and keep warm.
  • Take the ring off the pan and turn over the rosti potatoes. Keep cooking on a low heat for 5-8 minutes being careful not to burn
  • Place everything on a plate and serve.

Osian's Baked Alaskan Salmon with Dill and Garlic served with Freshly made pasta

Baked Alaskan Salmon with Dill and Garlic served with Freshly made pasta and green beans, samphire with Almond/ basil salsa verde garnished with pomegranate.

Ingredients :

2 x wild salmon filet

fresh dill


Olive oil

10 cherry tomatoes on the vine

200 baby spinach

150g whole green beans

100g baby asparagus

garlic bulb

big bunch fresh basil

50g blanched almonds

50g parmesan cheese

1 lemon

1 lime

1 pomegranate

For the pasta :

Freshly made pasta

!00g plain flour

1/4 teaspoon sea salt

1 egg

1/2 table spoon extra virgin olive oil

Sift flour onto work surface. Make a well in the centre and break in the egg. Add salt and oil.

Using a wooden spoon, mix the flour into the egg. Once you have a crumbly texture, work the mixture together with your hands and start to knead until you have a soft dough. Knead for a few minutes.

Roll the dough into a large square and cut into large strips. Leave dusted with flour to one side.


Place salmon into oven proof dish add garlic and dill lightly sprinkle with olive oil

Place in oven 150C for 15 minutes.


Place pasta into boiling water and boil lightly for 10 minutes.

On top in a steamer Steam

250g green beans

200g spinach

200g samphire

Prepare salsa verde

Blend basil, almonds, lemon and oil and adjust oil and lemon to create a runny salsa

In a large serving bowl place first the past, on top place the salmon, add the salsa verde pouring all over the pasta and salmon. Add green beans, samphire and spinach. Finally sprinkle with pomegranate seeds.


Emily's ​Five Spice Duck breast with green bean salad

Five Spice Duck breast with green bean salad

2 duck breasts

Five Spice


Soy sauce

green beans


Sherry vinegar

Score the skin of the duck breasts in a crisscross pattern with a very sharp knife. Season the duck breast generously with salt and the five spice and rub into the skin thoroughly.

Place the duck breasts, skin-side down, on a dry pan and cook over very low heat to render down most of the fat about 8-10 minutes

Now turn up the heat and fry until the skin is crisp. Turn the duck breasts over and cook the other side for another 3-4 minutes. Just before the duck is ready, drizzle the honey and soy sauce over. Toss and turn the duck in the honey and soy and cook until the liquid has reduced to a syrup. Transfer the duck to a warm plate and leave to rest for 5-10 minutes.

Get a pan of boiling water for the beans with a large pinch of salt. Add the beans to the water and cook for no more than one minute. Meanwhile, crush the hazelnuts lightly with a pestle and mortar. Drain the beans thoroughly and pat dry with kitchen paper. Whisk the oils and sherry vinegar together with some seasoning. Toss the beans in the vinaigrette to taste.

To serve, place the bean salad off centre on warm plates. Slice the duck lengthways and place on top. Drizzle any remaining pan juices over and finish with a small drizzle of the vinaigrette

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