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From the same family as Tuna, mackerel is very high in healthy omega 3 oils and gets larger in winter. Mackerel that are less than 225g are called 'Joeys', that are also from the same family and Tuna.

It is good pickled, smoked, covered in salt, barbecued, fried, curried or even raw.

Passion fruit

When ripe the fruit has a dark purple skin and crumpled. Unlike other fruit, the seeds and juice are good to eat. It's not very attractive but the taste is sweet and high in vitamin C.

White chocolate

White chocolate does not contain cocoa, chocolate's main ingredient, so therefore is not real chocolate. But according to the European Union, we can call it 'white chocolate' because it contains a percentage of cocoa butter.


A carbohydrate like pasta, couscous is made by processing semolina flour and rolling into small round particles.

It is a popular ingredient in food from North Africa. Often it is mixed with herbs such as parsley or coriander, spices, vegetable, salad or dried fruit.

Parma ham

Meat from area Parma in Italy - 'Prosciutto di Parma'. The meat comes from a pigs leg after being salted and dried in the open air for months. When ready to eat, it is very thinly sliced, and is often enjoyed as a 'starter' in Italy's 'Antipasto'.


The classic French dessert recipe over 300 years old.

From the French word for 'burning', it's popular dessert - sweet custard with caramelised sugar coating which means -'burnt cream'!


A fresh soft Italian cheese, ricotta means 'cooked twice'. It is made of fluid that normally is wasted in making cheese.

Ricotta is a lower-fat cheese than other soft cheeses, it is popular in ravioli recipes, cannelloni and lasagne.


The term Ravioli is from the Italian word - 'avvolgere' - to 'wrap'. A raviolin is made by wrapping a smooth filling of meat, fish, cheese or vegetables between two pieces of fresh pasta and cut into thin circles or squares, which look like small pillows.

Pomodora sauce

A simple sauce containing tomatoes, olive oil and basil. Tomatoes that are processed include a high level of chemical Lycopene - which also gives red color to the fruit. The chemical can help keep your heart healthy, and could be a defense against cancer.

Chicken Kiev

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. A popular 1970's recipe is Chicken Kiev - a chicken breast filled with garlic butter. It was created by a chef from Russia.


One of the most popular flavors of the world, mint is used to flavour all manner of other products from toothpaste to chewing gum, ice cream, chocolate, potatoes and drinks.

There are over 30 different types of mint.


A hard cheese Parma in Italy. This is one of the world's most popular cheeses. According to EU food rules, only cheese that comes from Parma with a stamp of the domain name 'Parmigano Reggiano', can be called Parmesan.


When the king Cadwaladr and his army went to fight the Saxons in the year 640, soldiers were ordered to wear leeks in order to be able to see the difference between them and the enemy. From that battle, the leek became the national vegetable for us Welsh. It is delicious in savory recipes of all kinds.

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