Ysbyty Hospital

Who works at Wales' worst hospital?

Ysbyty Hospital is the world's worst hospital, and the doors are about to open for everyone to see.

Make an appointment each week, you'll laugh 'till you're ill!

NAME: Doctor TT (Tomos Tomos)

JOB: Doctor

LOVES: Gadgets

HATES: 'Being without his phone

SPECIAL SKILL: Healing patients with his phone

LIKES SAYING: "Hashtag..."

NAME: Ms Glenise De Paris Kardashiân Lloyd-Jones

JOB: The Boss

LOVES : Herself

HATES: 'Bandages!'

SPECIAL SKILL: Keeping secrets

LIKES SAYING: Clear those papers!

NAME: Bob Owen Siencyn

JOB: Cleaner

LOVES: Getting on Glenise's nerves

HATES: Cleaning

SPECIAL SKILL: Selling junk

LIKES SAYING: 'Wanna buy a...?'

NAME: DJ SAL (Syril Arwel Lewis)

JOB: DJ at Radio Therapi FM

LOVES: Welsh cakes

HATES: A world withour Welsh cakes

SPECIAL SKILL: Being really boring

LIKES SAYING: Got any cakes?

NAME: Tudur Ap Mansel

JOB: Personal Assistant

LOVES: Hospitals with no patients

HATES: unstylish people


LIKES SAYING: I loooove Ysbyty Hospital!

NAME: Lois Williams

JOB: Tea and cakes department

LOVES: Dreaming of being a popstar

HATES: No-one thinking she'll be famous

SPECIAL SKILL: Reading the tealeaves to see the future


NAME: Anni Jones

JOB: Nurse

LOVES: Clean and tidy hospitals

HATES: Dirty messy patients

SPECIAL SKILL: Hypnotizing people

LIKES SAYING: Look into my eyes...

Dr. Owain Siencyn

NAME: Owain Siencyn

JOB: Doctor

LOVES: Saving lives, big and small

HATES: Hospitals with no patients

SPECIAL SKILL: Running down corridors

LIKES SAYING: Nurse! BP! Scalpel! Drip!

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