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The purpose of this series is to look at the history of our land in Wales. The names of our farmlands and fields are full of secrets and it is our intention to unearth and discuss the meaning of the names given to these fields.


In Caeau Cymru (Wales’ Fields) singer and presenter Brychan Llŷr investigates the meaning and origin of names given to fields in Wales, and uncovers the fascinating history left buried in the soil.


Joining Brychan on his journey is the landscape history expert Dr Rhian Parry, who offers a historical insight into the unique etymology of the local fields. We also hear from local farmers and landowners who share their memories about the history and tales associated with every field.


The names of these fields are an inherent part of our culture and heritage. If language is a backbone to a nation, something as simple as the name of a field can play a key role in understanding our history.