Debut album and loads of gigs, that's next on the list for Jessop a'r Sgweiri

Rhys Gwynfor and Osian Williams are the winners of Cân i Gymru 2013.

They performed the song live on the night with the rest of the band Jessop a'r Sgweiri who come from the Corwen and Bala area.

After a weekend of celebrations, how does Rhys feels now that the dust has settled and what are they going to do with the prize fund of £3,500?

Was it a shock when you heard your name read out as winner?

"We had a hell of a fright when they called out our name. We were extremely happy with the performance on the night, so we knew it had gone well. But we had no idea there would be such a response from the viewers who voted."

I'm sure there was some celebrating in Cardiff over the weekend?

"Yes, there was quite a celebration but then we had to travel back north on Saturday because some of the lads from the band were performing at the Selar awards in Hendre Hall near Bangor on Saturday night. They are also members of the band Candelas."

Was this the first time you entered the competition?

"It was the first time for Osian and I to try together. Osian tried by himself last year. But this is the first time for us to write a song for Cân i Gymru for Jessop a'r Sgweiri."

Why did you decide to compete this year?

"We had already written Mynd i Gorwen Hefo Alys for the band and soon afterwards we heard about the changes to the competition this year and decided to give it a go. Definitely the opportunity to work in a recording studio was a draw and without those changes I doubt we would have bothered trying. "

Is this the first time that Jessop a'r Sgweiri had been in a studio?

"We had already recorded some things ourselves. Ifan (one of the band members) has just graduated from Glamorgan University studying Sound Technology so he has the knowledge and equipment needed, and Osian has equipment too. They recorded the new album Candelas themselves."

Where did you record the song?

"We went to the studio in Tŷ Siamas in Dolgellau and did the work ourselves there."

How long have Jessop a'r Sgweiri been playing together?

"We were all pupils at Ysgol y Berwyn and had played together for a few school events back then. But we hadn't played together in a real band until last summer when we started Jessop a'r Sgweiri and went about gigging. We play a mixture of our own stuff and some covers but now we definitely want to do more things ourselves."

What will you do with the £3,500?

"We were discussing this just last night. We want to record Jessop a'r Sgweiri's first album. This money will help us a lot. We already have everything we need in terms of equipment, and I think that the raw style of making it ourselves will really suit the band."

You sound and look like a rock and roll blues band. Which artists have influenced you?

"Osian and I listen to a lot of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Elvis, and Steve Eaves - that kind of rock and roll and blues. We enjoyed the music and thought - we must do something like this.

"When writing Mynd i Gorwen Hefo Alys and then went on to record it for Cân i Gymru, we've settled in to the idea that this is what we want to do. We're an original rock and roll band with touches of the modern too, I hope.

Where can we see you play? Have you got gigs planned soon?

"'We're playing at a wedding on Saturday, so we've got a week of rehearsals ahead of us. But after that, nothing has been arranged. Hopefully there will be more gigs coming our way now - we're available to play if anybody wants us!"

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