Y Selar and BBC Radio Cymru

This year, Cân i Gymru will expand it's support for the Welsh language music scene, with the help of music magazine Y Selar and BBC Radio Cymru.

On the competition evening, in March 2013, £3,500 will be presented to the winner of Cân i Gymru 2013 and a further £4,000 will be shared between four winners in the Y Selar awards and Gwobrau Roc a Phop (RAP) BBC Radio Cymru presented annually to the Welsh music industry.

The winners of Y Selar's 'Live Band' and 'Song of the Year' categories and the winners of 'Breakthrough Band' in BBC Radio Cymru's RAP awards and 'Composer who's made a substantial contribution to the Welsh Music Scene', chosen by the Cân i Gymru judging panel will received £1,000 each. The intention is to expand the annual Cân i Gymru event to be an awards ceremony for the whole Welsh Music Scene.

Gaynor Davies, S4C's Programme Commissioner, says, "The exciting changes this year will extend the competition's influence beyond the annual event in co-operation with Y Selar and BBC Radio Cymru. The intention is to support artists working throughout the year at the same time as encouraging new songs and composers to try for the annual Cân i Gymru prize."

Lowri Davies, BBC Radio Cymru Editor of General Programming, says, "Radio Cymru is proud of this chance to work with S4C on such an important event as Cân i Gymru. This is a new chance for musicians to play live at one of the year's main musical events and gives an added value to Radio Cymru's 'Gwobrau Roc a Phop' awards."

Owain Schiavone, editor of Y Selar magazine, says, "The most important thing for us at Y Selar is to support new music and musicians who are productive throughout the year. The fact that S4C, through Cân i Gymru, will be awarding musicians for their work over the past year is a positive step and the hope is it will encourage more musicians to produce even more music to maintain a vibrant music scene in Wales."

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