Tuesday, September 26

Following David’s horrific car accident, Rhys’ life is in tatters and he is searching for someone to blame. Erin is feeling terribly guilty and is in desperate need of forgiveness. Meical and Kay are also grieving the loss of their brother, and Ron arrives knowing nothing about their falling out. Wyn doesn’t waste any time sorting out the business interests he shared with David. Now that he has lost his financial advisor, Mr Lloyd could be about to do something very dangerous.


Thursday, September 21

Following immediately from the scene of the accident, tension and worry is mounting as everyone awaits some news. With three families waiting eagerly at the hospital, they become more and more worried about one person who may not make it through the night…


Tuesday, September 19

At the K’s house everyone is busy making arrangements for Kylie’s birthday party, but it becomes apparent that Kay’s reasons for inviting people to the house are a little different to Kylie’s. David and Rhys are preparing for their first holiday together, but David is called away from his packing by Mr Lloyd who needs some advice regarding his financial difficulties. Over at John’s house, Erin is desperate to go out for a driving lesson. But bickering and arguing behind the wheel results in a driving lesson that Erin, or anyone else in Cilbedlam, will easily forget.


Thursday, September 14

Lowri needs someone to help out at a fundraising evening at the primary school and Philip believes it may be the perfect way of getting Mr Lloyd out of the house. Unfortunately, the old gent has much more important things on his mind. Iolo and Cathryn are playing with fire, and if they’re not careful people will become suspicious. Philip suspects that Dewi is hiding something from him, and John is wondering whether it was a good idea for Sian to take Erin out for a driving lesson.


Tuesday, September 12

Following Megan’s deception, Mr Lloyd’s heart – and spirit – is broken and he is struggling with the idea of facing the world. His friends’ support will mean a lot to him at this difficult time. Llio and Iolo are finding it difficult living under the same roof, so much so that Iolo is glad to go to work to avoid the tension. The tension at the salon is worrying Jac – Dani is being so awkward with the staff that Jac can only think of one answer…