Tuesday, November 21

Whilst Iolo and Cathryn prepare for their night away in Warrington, Vince decides to seek advice from Meical about his problems, before deciding to deal with the situation in his own irresponsible way! The fact that Kelvin is still on remand is creating great tension for Lowri – both at home and at work. It seems that Sian isn’t too keen on moving in with John and the family, but she has no idea how she is going to tell them.


Thursday, November 16

Lowri is beginning to feel the pressure of having to take the children to visit Kelvin in prison and Kay interfering doesn’t help matters. Following a conversation with Glenda, John thinks it may be time for him and Sian to take their relationship to the next level, but is Sian ready to take the plunge? Vince is becoming increasingly worried about his relationship. In order to calm his fears he decides to keep a close eye on his other half.


Tuesday, November 12

Kelvin and Lowri’s lives have been shattered and Lowri decides to visit Kelvin in prison – she has some questions that need answering… but it’s likely that she won’t like what she hears. Cathryn isn’t happy as she hardly sees Iolo since he moved in to the flat with Philip and Mathew. She manages to persuade him to go away with her for the night – but with Cathryn’s behaviour becoming more and more suspicious Vince has started worrying about their relationship and feels that he should make more of an effort. Barry is becoming frustrated as Llio is spending a lot of time at the house and decides to share his worries with Carys.


Thursday, November 09

Despite insisting the he is completely innocent, Kelvin has to prove that he didn’t intentionally smuggle drugs into the country… and that could prove to be difficult. Erin is having difficulty getting people to sponsor her to run in the 10k race. Arthur is reluctant to give her any sponsorship, but Meical shows a great interest in her efforts. Vince believes that he is to blame for the demise in his and Cathryn’s relationship and decides to try and make amends by taking her out for a meal.


Tuesday, November 07

When Rhys discovers who was responsible for scaring Erin whilst she was out running, he has a difficult decision to make. Iolo also faces an awkward situation when Vince brings Owain and Robbie to the climbing center, especially as Iolo is unsure of how suspicious Vince is of his relationship with Cathryn. As the house still looks like a building site, Meical and Michelle decide to call on Terry for some help, but Dani is quickly losing her patience…