S4C needs an updated remit, moving away from the geographical and TV only restrictions to enable multi-platform Welsh language provision throughout the UK and beyond.

S4C’s new remit needs to allow for broader commercial powers to drive additional revenue to help achieve our vision.

S4C needs to evolve, to be a Public Service Media provider – commissioning and delivering Welsh language content ubiquitously on the platforms people choose, be that linear TV, catch-up services, short-form and social platforms, or any other popular way of accessing audio-visual content.

As the only Welsh language TV service, S4C’s brand and services need to retain prominence in a multiplatform world.

Plurality of provision within the Welsh media sector must be maintained – while strengthening this for those accessing content on digital platforms.

Investment need over coming years will be greater, to maintain real terms value of spend on content, and to sufficiently fund the vision for content creation and delivery set out in this document.

An open and transparent financial review process is needed to decide what funding is sufficient for S4C now and in the long term.

S4C should be allowed stability of sufficient funding over a specific and substantial period – in line with widely accepted common principles of public service media funding.

Plurality of funding needs to be safeguarded this has been vital for S4C’s continued independence and for our ability to carry out our Welsh language remit.

Given the changing media (TV) environment and S4C’s vision of the future the time is right to review S4C’s governance needs.