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Tipyn o Stad

"I've never played such a horrible character!" says actress Janet Aethwy, talking about her new role as drug dealer Iona in the popular drama series, Tipyn o Stad.

Since being released from prison at the start of the series, Iona has succeeded in causing trouble on the Maes Menai housing estate, making life very difficult for her son, Scott (Dyfrig Evans), and her younger brother, Ger (Rhodri Siôn). It's obvious that her spells in prison have not had a positive effect on her, since she's still dealing in drugs. She doesn't care who her customers are, all she cares about is their money.

Although an experienced actress who has appeared in many S4C productions, including Pen Tennyn, Siôn a Siân, Treflan, and more recently, Cowbois ac Injans, playing the part of Iona has been a new and fresh experience for Janet.

"People don't usually think of casting me for such a part as this, it's a risk because I usually play quite different roles. Although I've been trying to get under the skin of this new character in Tipyn o Stad, I'm playing her as naturally as I can."

Janet enjoys being a part of the latest events in Maes Menai, and has enjoyed creating the character of Iona. It has involved a lot of discussion with the members of the production team who are responsible for make up and costume.

Iona doesn't miss an opportunity this week to create havoc at the evening organised by Ceri Ann to launch the new bistro menu at her café. As Ceri Ann attempts to salvage the situation, someone else sees an opportunity opening up before him.

Away from the fiasco in the café, Kylie faces an extremely hard decision as Susan puts pressure on her to have an abortion. Bev has a shock, and Ed and Nerys become close. And life is never easy for poor Carys. As she starts to get things under control, an unexpected visitor may cause difficulties and complications once again.

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