Elin Fflur and Dafydd Du are looking forward to presenting the competition live from Pontrhydfendigaid.

Dafydd Du

"I'm looking forward to presenting with Elin Fflur again. We had a great deal of fun last year," says Dafydd who will be presenting from backstage, chatting to the composers and singers before and after the performances.

"That's where all the excitement is and I'll by doing my best to calm their nerves! Many of the composers are performing their own songs this year, more than I remember from past competitions.

"In my view, one song in this year's competition has all the ingredients needed to be a Cân i Gymru winner. It's important that the song makes an instant impression. A song that grows on you is no good in this competition.

"I won't tell you which one is my favourite, because it's important to remain impartial, but I think this one could be the winner although I have been wrong several times in the past!"

Elin Fflur

"I'm really looking forward to presenting again, and I enjoy hearing the new songs that are entered for the annual competition," says the singer.

The competition holds a special place in her heart since she performed the winning song 'Harbwr Diogel' in the 2002 competition.

"It's hard to believe that ten years have passed since I sang 'Harbwr Diogel' in the Cân i Gymru 2002 competition! It was an amazing experience to step out on to that stage at only 17 years old. It was quite frightening but also very exciting.

"I remember the competition quite clearly, but I have no recollection of performing the song because I was so nervous. I remember waiting for the results backstage and thinking that we were never going to win. I couldn't believe it when the announcement came that we were the winners!

"It's still a very popular song. I can perform all night at a gig and nobody in the audience will stand up until that first chord of 'Harbwr Diogel' is played and then everyone gets to their feet!"

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