Gai Toms and Philip Jones

Gai and Philip are well known musicians and composers. Gai is from Tanygrisiau near Blaenau Festiniog, and Philip is from Llanfrothen, Penrhyndeudraeth.

Gai was a member of the popular band Anweledig from 1992 to 2008. He also experienced success as a solo artist while performing under the name Mim Twm Llai from 1997 to 2007. Most recently Gai has been performing under his own name. His most recent release was an eco friendly album Rhwng y Llygru a'r Glasu in 2008.

Philip is best known as a member of the band Gwibdaith Hen Frân. He has also played with Y Mistecs, Estella, Vates and Jac. The two have worked together closely in the past, most notably as Mim Twm Llai.

They are both very versatile musicians who can play a range of instrument, and have performed across Wales, as well as Brittany, the Basque Country, Ireland, the United States and also England.

Title: Braf yw Cael Byw

Gai and Phil were inspired to write the song whilst sitting in the beer garden at The Ring in Llanfrothen. It was a sunny day in summer and Gai started to play a simple melody on the ukelele and this was the start of Braf yw Cael Byw. On this particular day they realised how green the leaves on the Chesnut trees were, and how golden they looked in the sun that day, and so grew the origin of the words.

The song is open for the listener to analyse the lyrics in their own way, being in a spiritual or a scientific manner. Across the world, despite different beliefs, the song highlights that the sun is common to us all. The sun gives life to everything, and it certainly did for this song!

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