Rhydian Pughe

Rhydian Pughe, 27 from Bro Dyfi, lives on the family farm Rhyd yr Aderyn in Cemaes, near Machynlleth. He works part time for the Famers Union of Wales in Aberystwyth, and enjoys the fresh air whilst working outside on the farm.

Rhydian has been composing from a very young age and has recently taken an interest in recording compositions in his studio.

Although drums are his main instrument, Rhydian is also a guitarist, and composes songs for the band Hufen Ia Poeth. The band has recently gained popularity following gigs all over Wales and their latest album Esblygiad. They have recently recorded three new songs, which are due to be released in the near future. Apart from composing for the band, Rhydian likes to concentrate on his own music with ambitions to write music for film and television.

Title: Cynnal y Fflam

For the lyrics of Cynnal y Fflam, Rhydian wanted to convey the idea of lighting a bonfire. To create a successful bonfire, it takes patience, effort, and detailed preparation to lay the foundations, before lighting a flame. The essence of the song is comparing the process of lighting a bonfire with various aspects of life, for example, starting and securing a career, or building a relationship. He feels that nothing in life can be achieved successfully without effort. It is always easier to rekindle a fire or an old passion.

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