Corff Cymru

  • calendar Wednesday 3 September 7.30

S4C ready to bring us to our senses

Be prepared for a fascinating journey into the wonderful world of our senses as the S4C science series Corff Cymru returns for a second series.

The physiologist, Dr Anwen Jones of Cardiff Metropolitan University and the bio-archaeologist, Dr Katie Hemer from Sheffield University will take us on the journey, starting by discussing the sense of taste.

Other programmes in the series will focus on our sense of vision and hearing among the other senses and viewers will discover more about how we touch and feel pain.

Dr Anwen Jones says, "Every second of every day our senses gather information about our environment. Our senses connect us to the world around us. Together we will investigate how the brain uses all the information to build up a picture of the world that is familiar to us, and how the senses work together and sometimes deceive us.”

Through a series of different tests at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Dr Jones will see how we distinguish different tastes, from the sweet to the bitter. She also discovers how our sense of smell and sight affects our sense of taste.

We’ll also see how children develop their sense of taste, by visiting the Cookibods centre in Swansea, set up to help children between three and eight years of age to enjoy different food and learn to cook.M

Meanwhile, bio-archaeologist, Dr Katie Hemer, takes part in the world’s largest multi-sensory experiment, as she finds out how our sense of taste develops over the years.