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Natur: Y Gwanwyn

Iolo Williams brings the spring to S4C

As the birds start singing and eager green shoots begin to peek out, S4C will be broadcasting daily programmes this week focusing on the wonders of spring.

Natur: Y Gwanwyn (Nature: Spring) will be broadcast at 8.25 every night between Monday, 25 and Friday, 29 March, and following the blossoming of the new season will be presenter and naturalist, Iolo Williams.

"I love travelling the world," says Iolo, who is originally from Llanwddyn. "It's a great privilege to go and see the blue whale and the gorillas, but one of the best things about travelling the world is that it makes me appreciate Wales. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else."

In the series which will give a snapshot of what's happening in the world of Nature in Wales here and now, Iolo will be visiting various places of interest up and down the country in the company of specialists and experts.

"I'll be heading to Dolydd Hafren, Montgomeryshire to look at hares and all sorts of waterfowl; in Anglesey I'll be trying to spot red squirrels with Manon Keir; and I'll be going down an old gold mine in the Snowdonia National Park with ecologist, Dafydd Roberts."

Iolo hopes the programme will be a showcase of Wales's rich natural habitat, from animals and creatures to plants and footpaths and he speaks highly of all the experts here in Wales. "There are so many great naturalists of all ages in Wales, such as Twm Elias, Rhys Gwyn and Ivy Evans. It's great to hear them speaking on Natur: Y Gwanwyn."

The main aim is to try to encourage people to go out and start their own adventure according to Iolo, who claims he's still as inquisitive now as he was at five year's old.

"I hope Natur: Y Gwanwyn will encourage people to get up off the sofa and head out. Whether you're in the country, in your back garden or even in the middle of a city, there are so many amazing things to see and enjoy. The secret is to think like a child; don't lose you curiosity.

"I think that the series will be an eye-opener, even to those people who think they know what's in their local area. What I'm hoping is that people will say 'I never knew that', or 'I didn't know that that was down the road', and that they'll then go for a walk and have a look. If that happens I'll be a happy chap!"