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Wynebau newydd

Wynebau Newydd: Dringo i'r Eitha'

Ioan Doyle, 17 from Bethesda, Gwynedd, is considered a young climber of exceptional talent and promise. This film documentary follows him over the summer of 2007 as he attempts to conquer some of the world's most difficult routes.

Cameraman Alun Hughes, an able climber himself who has filmed some of the world's greatest mountaineers, followed Ioan as he took on challenging climbs in Snowdonia, the Greek island of Kalymnos and The Yosemite Valley, California, USA.

But the precipitous climbs, set to make viewers at home hold on tight to their armchairs, are not the only drama in this film. It is also a memorable portrayal of the life, hopes and fears of Ioan himself, his mother Catrin, his mentor and climbing partner, Malcolm ‘Mills' Davies, as well as the extended family and close-knit local community.

Producer and director Alun Hughes says: “This is the story of a climber who's immensely talented for one so young. We followed him for a whole summer as he faced extremely difficult climbing challenges. This is also a portrayal of a lad who is maturing as a climber and as a person and the feelings of both his mother and his trainer as they learn to loosen the reins on his life. It's a programme about climbing which will appeal to a much wider audience.”

Ioan's love and passion for climbing shines through. He says, “What I like about climbing is that you go into your own realm. I like taking myself into a very dangerous situation and controlling things. Reaching the top is the best possible feeling, there's nothing quite like it... I want to reach the highest standard and take on the world's toughest routes. The next step is to earn a bit of money and then it's away you go.”

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