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How to Advertise

Welsh Language Advertisements

"If a company advertises in Welsh it creates a good impression"
[Source: Beaufort Research]

Using Welsh shows you are proud to be in business in Wales and that you respect the country's culture and community. You can increase your advert's appeal by dubbing your commercial into Welsh, our team are more than happy to help you achieve this.

Q. How many people speak Welsh?

A. 34% of the population have an understanding of Welsh

Q. How many Welsh speakers tune into S4C every week?

A. 48% Of Welsh speakers tune in weekly to the channel

Q. What are the developments for the future?

A. Welsh is a growing language. Every child in Wales learns Welsh in school up to GCSE

Production Requirements

We can also provide a language dubbing service into Welsh from English language adverts, this can take several forms depending on the creative restrictions of a specific Advert or the policy if the client.

We will check the script before the voiceover is recorded. Elements are provided to us for translation and we will re-record voiceover and replace on-screen graphics – ideally contact us a few weeks before the advert’s transmission date to arrange this.

The materials needed are:

A final VHS version must be supplied for Welsh-language clearance.

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