S4C Calon Cenedl / Heart of the Nation


Adele O’Neill sings the haunting Welsh lullaby, Suo Gân.

Adele’s career has seen her perform with a wealth of choruses, orchestras and artists with countless performances given in both the UK and internationally spanning France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary and Canada.

Musical influences? I was influenced by my Grandmother who constantly played recordings of the opera greats. My favourite Sopranos are Callas, Freni & Sutherland.

Your first concert/gig? Taking the role of Cupid in Orpheus in the underworld age 14 for my local operatic society.

Interests? Pampering My British Shorthair Cat called Twiki, I also enjoy foreign travel, cooking, and good wines!

Can you remember the title of the last cd that you bought? Norma (Bellini)

Quirky fact? I love Driving fast cars and have participated in many virgin experience track driving days where I've driven Porche's, Lambourghini's & Ferrari's. I have another one coming up next month!

Adele O’Neill – Suo Gân