Facebook to show S4C programmes


S4C has launched a new service which allows Facebook users to watch the Channel’s programmes on one of the most popular social network sites in the world.

The Channel, working with Cardiff based company Microcosm Games, has developed new technology to create the Facebook app which allows access to S4C's programmes live and on demand through the Channel's online catch up service Clic - all without leaving the Facebook site.

The app will also allow viewers to 'Like' and 'Share' programmes or invite others to watch S4C.

With 24 million users in the UK logging into Facebook sites daily, the new app will not only provide a new way of watching S4C, but will also make the Channel visible and easily accessible to a huge amount of new potential viewers.

Huw Marshall, S4C Digital Manager says, "S4C is leading the way with our social media presence, by developing our own Facebook application to offer television programmes through the site. It's now common practice for viewers to share comments on social network sites whilst watching TV. This app combines the two screens, placing S4C in a convenient space where people can watch and chat at the same time.

"70,000 under 20 year olds on Facebook have noted on their profiles that they understand Welsh. Putting S4C on Facebook places the Channel in amongst them, taking our content to the viewer."

To watch S4C on Facebook you must register to use the new special app via your profile. The app will be available in Welsh and English, with subtitles available.

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