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The representation of Welsh art on TV is to be discussed in a special session held at 2:00pm on Tuesday, 7 August at Lle Celf, the art and craft pavilion at the Flintshire National Eisteddfod.

Chairing the session, ‘World of Colour: The Broadcasting of Welsh Art’, will be S4C’s Byd o Liw presenter, Osi Rhys Osmond, who is taking a break from the recording of Lliwiau, a series examining the meaning of colour, to lend his voice to the debate. Osi will be joined by an eclectic mix of prominent figures from the Welsh art scene, with each one adding a unique perspective to the debate.

Two of these perspectives will be provided by the esteemed artists Mary Lloyd Jones and Elin Huws, whose work has been the focus of a host of programmes, while Sioe Gelf’s producer Dylan Huws has 10 years experience of bringing art to the small screen. Former Welsh Woman of the Year, Dr Olwen Williams, is also taking part. As a devoted supporter of innovative art and a former member of the BBC Wales governing board, she will represent the audience’s view in the discussion.

The panelists will be passing their respective eyes over significant issues in art, reflecting on the influence of TV on artists and considering both good and bad examples of art’s representation on TV. The discussion, organised jointly by the National Eisteddfod and S4C, will also be asking what impressions of artists and the art world TV has offered thus far, and whether there is a tendency for programmes to avoid the difficult tasks of interpreting, critiquing and challenging artists.

The discussion will also be looking forward to the future of art broadcasting. With exciting developments in the industry, like the Tate gallery launching its own channel, the panel will ask, what can S4C and the media in Wales do to ensure that its broadcasting of art is new, original and fresh?

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