S4C breaking new ground with app to show service at its best


S4C has revealed its latest tool to exhibit the channel's services at its best – the augmented reality app S4C Realiti.

The S4C Realiti app, for iOS and Android mobile devices, allows you to access to bonus content when the device is held above a specific image – allowing moving footage to appear as if emerging from the image.

The technology is currently being developed in conjunction with Spectre, the app developers. But this week, at the Carmarthenshire National Eisteddfod's Science and Technology Pavilion, you can be among the first to try out the new app.

The aim, according to S4C's Digital Manager Huw Marshall, is to enable the channel to show content at its best, using video images and bonus graphics.

Huw Marshall says: "The new app enables S4C to offer a new exciting layer to its content and has the potential to transform the way we communicate with the viewers – offering moving footage where we would usually only see an image. It could boost our ability to attract more people to our view our content whether on TV or on our website

"We're working with our partners to develop the technology further – and we can see the wider potential too. We're proud to be able to show the work at this early stage at the Eisteddfod this week, and hope to further fulfil our plans in the coming months."

Also at the National Eisteddfod's Science and Technology Pavilion you can try out three Welsh language computer games, developed with support from S4C:

• Enaid Coll/Master Reboot - the first ever Welsh-language console game, available for: PS3; Steam for PC and Mac; and coming soon to WiiU.

• Dirgelwch y Marcwis: Trysor Coll - the first ever Welsh-language hidden object puzzle game, available later in the year.

• Pyramid – games app to accompany a new multi-platform quiz on Stwnsh.


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