A nomination for S4C in CDN Awards


S4C have been nominated in the Creative Diversity Network Awards, for the documentary Fy Chwaer a Fi, the award is designed to recognise programmes that affect under-represented groups.

The powerful documentary Fy Chwaer a Fi has been nominated for an award which recognises a programme which has broken new ground in terms of on screen portrayal of one or more under-represented groups and/ or has had a real-world impact addressing issues that affect under-represented groups.

Broadcast magazine subscribers will vote for the winner of the award, and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, 11 November 2014 in London.

Fy Chwaer a Fi was produced by Bulb Films, which is part of Boom Pictures on behalf of S4C. This powerful and moving film authored by 18 year old twins Kirstie and Catherine Fields from Llanelli, the only people in the world with Fields Condition. The condition has been named after the twins. Gradually, this devastating illness has confined them to their wheelchairs and rendered speech impossible. Communicating through speech aids for the first time, they tell their remarkable story of their bravery and humour.

Llion Iwan, S4C Content Commissioner said,

"We are proud of the nomination which recognises a story that's opened the door on an illness which is faced by individuals and their families, often quietly behind closed doors."

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