S4C’s Response to Ofcom’s Final Statement – Phase 2 of the second Public Service Broadcasting Review


S4C welcomes Ofcom’s statement today which confirms S4C’s central role as a significant public service broadcaster and which emphasises the need for continued government funding for S4C.

Throughout the Review, S4C has focused on generating ideas which are relevant to Wales in order to maintain and strengthen public service provision for viewers.

The Review has emphasised the need to establish a new, sustainable model for public service broadcasting, to maintain plurality in news provision and to secure services for children.

S4C’s proposals in relation to news, included in Ofcom’s report, address the challenges faced by English language news for Wales on ITV and the emphasis on plurality. It is timely to consider Welsh language news provision on S4C, though this is not a reflection on the service currently provided by BBC Wales for S4C.

It is a matter for government to decide on the way ahead.

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