New pattern for Pobol y Cwm broadcasts


There will be a new pattern to Pobol y Cwm broadcasts from today onwards.

In addition to the 20:00 episode broadcast every weekday evening, there’ll be an opportunity to view the previous day’s episode at 6.00pm, with on-screen English subtitles.

The episodes at 18:00 will give viewers a chance to catch up with all the events of Cwmderi and enable non Welsh speakers and Welsh learners to easily follow the series.

Remember you can also watch the week’s episodes in the omnibus edition, broadcast late Sunday afternoon, which also has on-screen English subtitles.

Pobol y Cwm is also available to view online at


Pobol y Cwm

Monday-Friday, 20:00, English and Welsh subtitles available.

Monday-Friday, 18:00, on-screen English subtitles.

Sunday afternoon omnibus edition, on-screen English subtitles.

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