S4C Authority announces change in Channel’s management structure


The S4C Authority has announced a change in S4C’s management structure that will lead to a closer working relationship between the Authority and the management team.

The announcement was made today (Thursday, 29 July) following the departure of S4C Chief Executive, Iona Jones.

S4C Authority Chairman, John Walter Jones said that the S4C Authority, the regulatory body that oversees S4C’s performance, would work closer with a leaner management team.

He revealed that the four executives on the new management team are Rhian Gibson, S4C’s Director of Commissioning, Garffîld Lloyd Lewis, Director of Communications, Elin Morris, Director of Corporate and Commercial Policy and Kathryn Morris, Finance and Human Resources Director who will take on the new role of Accounting Officer.

The S4C Authority will advertise for a new Chief Executive in due course.

John Walter Jones also emphasised that S4C will work more closely with companies within the independent sector to ensure a secure future for both the Channel and its programme providers.

Meetings are already taking place with directors of the production companies and the Channel will aim to meet all the production companies in the next few weeks.

S4C Chairman John Walter Jones said: “In order to ensure that the Channel’s future remains secure and that the organisation is run efficiently, the most fundamental change is that the concept of due separation between the S4C Authority and the management team will now cease. S4C is a unitary body and this unitary organisation should manage and safeguard the interests of S4C viewers and the Channel’s suppliers in the future.

“The management team’s organisational structure is also changing, with a smaller executive team working closely with the Authority members. We will work closely to ensure that we strengthen the partnership between S4C and the programme suppliers.

“The Channel’s future is secure but we do face numerous challenges, just like other public service organisations. We are confident that we are robust enough to strengthen the Channel in the face of the wholly digital television age.”


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