S4C Chairman calls for co-operation for the good of Welsh-language broadcasting


Co-operate for the sake of Welsh language broadcasting – this was the clear message from the Chairman of S4C, John Walter Jones, speaking at a reception at the Anglesey Show.

“We must work as one in order to secure the future of Welsh-language broadcasting,” said Mr Jones, who added, “The aim of S4C is to maximise co-operation and stability for the independent production sector as we face a challenging financial future.

“Diversity of size and experience among all who supply programmes for S4C will be recognised as we plan for the future.

“We will, I hope, soon conclude our discussions with the BBC on our second strategic partnership agreement. Personally, I would like to see S4C and Radio Cymru working together on the nurturing of programme ideas. C’Mon Midffild is a good example of an original radio series developed into an excellent television comedy. I’d like to see the same kind of development happening again in future.”


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