Cyw – first choice for Wales’ younger viewers


Cyw - S4C's daily programme service for the younger viewers - is the top morning viewing choice out of all children's TV channels for Wales' 4 to 7 year olds, according to research carried out by the Channel in July.

And it's not only the youngsters who benefit - the research shows that children help their non-Welsh speaking parents learn Welsh while watching Cyw.

The appreciation of the Cyw service is clear in the results of the research conducted among reception class children and year 1 children in different parts of Wales.

Launched in 2008, Cyw was initially broadcast from Mondays to Fridays between 7.00am and 1.30pm. Owing to popular demand, the service was extended to the weekends in October last year.

The service, which has won a host of international children's TV awards, will be extended again from next March.

At the heart of the service are original programmes made in Wales by Welsh production companies or in partnership with international broadcasters. The multi-genre mix of programmes is accompanied by unique in-vision wraparound links with presenters performing against a range of colourful animated backgrounds.

The on-screen output is accompanied by a bilingual website - - while a free Cyw app launched last November ensures children can enjoy Cyw stories, songs and games on the move.

Among the facts to emerge from the research are:

• Of all the children's TV channels available, Cyw is the most popular service in the mornings for the majority of the children surveyed.

• On a normal school day most of the children had watched TV in the morning.

• Frequently, they had watched Cyw in the company of a brother or sister.

• Some of the children wanted to see the Cyw service extended.

• Some of the children wanted to see the service extended at the weekends.

• In mixed language homes, a number mentioned that their non-Welsh speaking parents tried to learn Welsh with the children helping them as they watched Cyw.

• Almost all those surveyed had visited the Cyw website at home and/or in school.

• A large number had seen Cyw characters and performers on visits to their schools or at events such as the National Eisteddfod.

• All the teachers in the schools surveyed had used the Cyw website as a resource in the classroom.

• All the teachers were of the opinion that Cyw was an excellent resource for them.

• Among the most popular characters were the gold-suited rapper, Rapsgaliwn, the ageless mythical songwriter, Marcaroni, played by West End star, Mark Evans, and Sam Tân (Fireman Sam).

Siân Eirian, S4C Head of Children's Services, said, "Cyw has gone from strength to strength showing there is a real demand for this kind of pioneering Welsh language service for younger viewers.

"The response we get from children and parents is both moving and inspirational and we well continue to build on Cyw's success."


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