Changes to S4C's structure


S4C has announced a new organisational structure following the decision to establish due separation between the S4C Authority and Executive.

A new Board of Directors - based on six Directorates; Commissioning, Communications, Finance and Human Resources, Transmission and Distribution, Business Affairs, and Commercial and Corporate Policy – replaces the current departmental and sub-departmental structure.

A non-executive member will also be appointed to the Board. S4C’s Chief Executive, Iona Jones, will chair the Board.

The Board’s Directors will be responsible for ensuring S4C’s aims and targets are delivered and communicated effectively, both internally and externally, based on the Corporate Plan, the Programme Strategy and the Programme Policy Statement.

The new structure has been approved by the S4C Authority.


Additional information

The following Directors are members of the Board:

Rhian Gibson Commissioning

Huw Rossiter Communications

Kathryn Morris Finance and Human Resources

Arshad Rasul Broadcast and Distribution

Delyth Wynne Griffiths Business Affairs

Nerys Hopkins Commercial and Corporate Policy

Nia Ebenezer is Executive Officer to the Board of Directors

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