Denzil’s dramatic departure


Last night (Thursday 19 January) saw one of Pobol y Cwm’s longest serving characters bow out of the series.

In a poignant final scene, viewers watched as Denzil, played by actor Gwyn Elfyn, collapsed and died in the arms of his daughter Sioned during a dramatic row in the street.

Deeply hurtful words were exchanged between father and daughter in that final row, and now Sioned must live knowing that she will never be forgiven by her father.

"He said he didn’t want to see her again and that he was ashamed of her; things nobody wants to hear their father say," says Emily Tucker who plays Sioned.

"Although Denzil had said he’d never forgive her for poisoning Anti Marian, I think Sioned was hopeful they would be reconciled.

"But she was not forgiven and she must live with that forever. I think the guilt will eat her alive."

In the next few weeks we will see Sioned struggle with her grief and guilt, but how does Emily feel about one of her colleagues leaving the series especially one she has worked with so closely?

"I do miss Gwyn, and things aren’t the same without him on set," says Emily about Gwyn Elfyn’s departure from the series after more than 27 years.

"It was very sad to say goodbye. When you work together as a family, you almost become a family. I'm used to seeing Gwyn and Sera (Cracroft) who plays Sioned’s mother Eileen, more than my own parents!"

In a double episode of Pobol y Cwm on Thursday 26 January (20:00, S4C. English subtitles.), Denzil’s funeral gives the Cwmderi residents a chance to pay their respects to one of the Cwm’s most loved characters with a smile.

We’ll also see some familiar faces from the past return for the funeral - among them are Derek, Megan and Denzil's ex-wife Maureen.


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