S4C celebrates the opening of the Wales Coastal Path


To coincide with the official opening of the Wales Coast Path on 5 May this year, S4C will celebrate the occasion with a special episode of Bro: Llwybr yr Arfordir.

In the programme on Monday, 7 May 8.25pm (S4C, English subtitles) Shân Cothi, Iolo Williams, and Lowri Morgan will be joining in the festivities in a variety of locations along the path.

On Saturday 5 May, several exciting public events have been organised by the Welsh Government in partnership with the Countryside Council to celebrate the official opening of the path.

The Bro cameras will be there to record the events with Iolo Williams joining in the celebration at Flint Castle, Shân Cothi on the Prom in Aberystwyth, and Lowri Morgan will be at Roald Dahl Plass in Cardiff Bay.

During the programme we’ll join in the celebrations and follow the organised walks hosted by the Ramblers Society.

"The opening of the Wales Coast Path will be a special and historic event," says Lowri Morgan, who’s originally from Gower.

"Every time I go running abroad, either in the Arctic or in the jungle, someone always comments how the coast is like a playground to its residents, because there’s so much to do there. It’s a chance to put Wales on the map, and to show what we’ve got to offer."

Also on the programme, we’ll look at different elements of the path - from the original idea by the then Assembly Minister for the Environment, Jane Davidson to the process of creating and maintaining the path.

Also, some of Wales’ famous individuals will be explaining their reasons for choosing to live by the coast.


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